Postgame Bowling Report


It's been quite an eight-day span on the bowling lanes for Tina Benedict.

Last Monday night in the Pin Topplers League at Westgate Bowl, the 21-year-old Benedict tossed a career-high 660 national honor count. That was just a sign of things to come.

This past Monday in the same league, Benedict went a huge step beyond that when she rolled her first career 700 series - a 717 with games of 247, 235 and 235.

"I never thought I'd get one," Benedict said of her feat. "I had the same line all night. I never moved a board. I was just bowling normal. You always have those lucky strikes. I did get a few lucky ones, but I was there all night."

Benedict has picked up her bowling this year, going from two league nights a week to three, while also taking part in the women's traveling league. She's taken some words of wisdom from two of Winona's best bowlers - her boyfriend Josh Wenzel and her traveling league teammate Mandi Steffes - to take her game to the next level.

"I haven't been working on my game," said Benedict, who's been competing in adult leagues since age 16. "I watch Josh. I watch Mandi. I watch Rose (Schultz). I learn a lot. Watching bowling has helped me.

"Josh will help me. He's a big one. I learned a lot from Mandi. I go to her for help. She'll say move one board or two boards, or stick with the same shot. My major improvement is my spares."

Last year, Benedict averaged 173 in the Pin Topplers League and 172 in the Sparklers League at Winona Bowl. She finished the season with three 600s, including a 632.

So far this year, she's averaging 184 in both leagues (before last week) and has four 600s and one 700 to her credit.

While rolling a 700 was beyond Benedict's expectations, it wasn't for two members of her traveling team.

"On Saturday after traveling league, we were talking and I said I'd never get a 700," Benedict said. "Mandi and Rose both said I would do it, and Monday night I did."

Who's hot?

Krystal Dorman, last year's women's average champion, has gotten off to a rather slow start this year. But that changed Wednesday night in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl when she knocked down a 690 honor count.

Mandi Steffes and Diane Marley continued turning in big scores last week. Steffes carded a 654 series in the Mixers League at Westgate and Marley added a 652 in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl.

Josh Wenzel tallied the top men's score with a 785 series in the American League at Westgate. That score ties Wenzel for the second highest men's series this year.

Tod Walters added his name to the growing list of 300 bowlers when he turned in a perfect game last Friday in the Legion League at Winona Bowl. Walters ended with a 730 honor count.


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