Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink
Wincrest water tower drained accidentally



Some residents of Wincrest and East Garvin Heights subdivisions were left without water for over twenty-four hours after a twelve-inch water main was severed Wednesday morning. According to Keith Nelson, assistant city manager for public works, the water main was severed by a boring company contracted by the city to repair the sewer force main for the Wincrest area.

The severed water main released a flood of water down County Road 44 and Garvin Heights Road, causing the Winona Police Department to temporarily set up barricades and warn drivers of the potentially slippery surface. The Wincrest water tower, which was completely drained after the water main was severed, can hold up to 100,000 gallons, said Nelson. However, Nelson was not sure how full the tower was at the time and could only say that "quite a bit of water was running down the hill."

Although water service was initially expected to be restored to the affected homes in approximately two hours, Nelson said that a block of eight or nine homes was still without water service Thursday evening. Nelson added that the mishap will not affect the timeline set for the sewer force main repair project.


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