Bowling Scores - Jan. 22, 2006


Westgate Bowl


High game: Chuck Peterson, Winona Lighting, 254; High series: Matt Wicka, Winona Lighting, and Aaron Spitzer, American Family, 678; High team game: American Family, 1,231; High team series: Winona Lighting, 3,388; 650 series: Rick Rockwell, 661; Chuck Peterson, 658.

Alley Cats



Floor Coverings66

Bronk's Gardens66

River City Htng & AC57

Badger Agency57

Borkowski Towing57

High game: Betty Farrand, Borkowski Towing, 214; High series: Betty Farrand, Borkowski Towing, 517; High team game: Strikers, 878; High team series: Strikers, 2,449.

Alley Gaters


Home Federal Bank63.520.5


Theis Printing4935

Westgate Bowl4836

Schaffner Plbg & Htg.4242

Cardinal Pumping4143

Baker Shoes3054

High game: Keri Wegman, Home Federal Bank, 256; High series: Keri Wegman, Home Federal Bank, 647; High team game: Cardinal Pumping, 1,103; High team series: Home Federal Bank, 3,219; 550 series: Sue Buermann, 567; Julie Moldenhauer, 585.



Linces Village Inn13

Westgate Bowl12

Theis Printing12

H & M Plumbing12

Chula Vista11


Kuehn Trucking10.5

Das Wurst Haus9

North Castle8.5

Championship Trophies8


Lewiston Country Club5

High game: James Prenot and Josh Wenzel, 299; High series: Josh Wenzel, 813; High team game: North Castle, 1,275; High team series: North Castle, 3,649; 700 series: Scott Schultz, 724; Jeff Smelser, 723; Dan Donahue, 709; James Prenot, 703; 650 series: Bill Bonow, 688; Steve Mailszewski, 665; Jeff Weifenbach, 660; Dale Bartelson, 661; Dave Hultgren, 666; Myron Weege Jr., 698; Eric Nustad, 665; Rodger Revere, 669.



Nicholas J's Pro Shop79


Gabby's/Fifth St. Liquor70.5

Lakeview Drive Inn59

Ches Pozanc Trucking 151.5

Coldwell Bankers51.5

Ches Pozanc Trucking 248

Westgate Bowl43

High game: Bill Bonow, Ches Pozanc Trucking 1, 289; High series: Todd Weege, Nicholas J's Pro Shop, 738; High team game: Gabby's/Fifth St. Liquor, 1,205; High team series: Gabby's/Fifth St. Liquor, 3,523; 700 series: Bill Bonow, 728; Tim Pozanc, 726; Josh Wenzel, 713; Tim Wangen, 704; 650 series: Greg Schewe, 699; Bob Pozanc, 663; Rod Storm, 699; Dave McLaughlin, 682; Russ Prenot, 687; Jeff Smelser, 671; Tom Donnelly, 668; Greg Fakler, 670; Brian Dunbar, 675; John Glowczewski, 694; Seth Bonow, 664; Scott Schultz, 695; Jeremy Wenzel, 690.



The Owners24.511.5

Geoff's Guys2115

The Monkeez1719

Pin Busters9.526.5

High game: Andrea Schaufenbil, The Owners, 140; High series: Charlie Gardner, Pin Busters, 372; High team game: The Owners, 741; High team series: The Owners, 2,074.

Knights of Columbus


Polachek Electric35.521.5

Fifth St. Liquor34.522.5


Lackore Shockers2829

Benchmark Electronics2235


High game: Greg Schewe, Wellington's, 258; High series: Greg Schewe, Wellington's, 682; High team game: Polachek Electric and Wellington's, 1,184; High team series: Wellington's, 3,340.



Eagles Club165

Winona Bowl165

United Machine156



Bucks & Bows129

Kato Liquor129

Suds and Store714

Action Remodeling714

Wellington's BBC615

Jefferson's Pub516


High game: Darrin Aarre, 300; High series: Tim Wangen, 721; High team game: Action Remodeling, 1,186; High team series: Action Remodeling, 3,388; 700 series: Bob Pozanc, 708; Erik Kanz, 705; 650 series: James Prenot, 681; Troy Evans, 652; Josh Pasche, 655; Dave Bohn, 679; Myron Weege Jr., 670; Dustin Schewe, 670; Myron Weege Sr., 675; Darrin Aarre, 695; Darrek Aarre, 659; Christ Brown, 656; Brad Kanz, 656; Aaron Spitzer, 663; Errorless: James Prenot, 681.



Bloedow's Bakery58.525.5

Walz Buick5034


Discount Liquor43.540.5

Hardt's Music3945

Tibesar Appraisal3846

River Hills Dental31.552.5

Glasspoole Drywall26.557.5

High game: Julie Moldenhauer, Tibesar Appraisal, 268; High series: Mandi Steffes, Walz Buick, 671; High team game: Walz Buick, 1,103; High team series: Tibesar Appraisal, 3,169; 600 series: Julie Moldenhauer, 669; 550 series: Lynda Krall, 575.

Pin Topplers


John Glow's Pro Shop6321


Westgate Bowl5034

Dan's Dugout4935

Midtown Foods41.542.5

Eagles Club3747

Pieces of the Past3450

High game: Lynda Krall, Watkins, 257; High series: Lynda Krall, Watkins, 681; High team game: John Glow's Pro Shop, 1,127; High team series: John Glow's Pro Shop, 3,245; 600 series: Mandi Steffes, 638; Laurie Wiseman, 627; Shirley Benedict, 606; 550 series: Jenny Glowczewski, 587; Gloria Schaefer, 554.

Senior Citizens

High game: Joe Wise, 251, and Joan Wiczek, 192; High series: Ted Block, 673, and Joan Wiczek and Millie Sabo, 494; 600 series: Jim Konkel, 663; Joe Sabo, 644; Joe Wise, 636; Errorless: Ted Block, 673.



North Castle Specialties123

Zaborowski Financial96

Schniepp's Bar87

Lewiston Auto87

Wellington's Pub84

Alliance Bank510

Ron Speltz Construction48

J & M Construction312

High game: Sue Buermann, North Castle Specialties, 224; High series: Sue Buermann, North Castle Specialties, 615; High team game: North Castle Specialties, 1,096; High team series: Schniepp's Bar, 3,175; 550 series: Diane Schultz, 574; Teresa Zaborowski, 571; Jean Papenfuss, 552.

Winona Bowl

Blue Ribbon



Betty Jo's269

Excel Images2411

Qualitee Screen Printing2411

Fred's Body Shop1916

Dan's Dugout1916



Benchmark Brew Crew1322

Winona Bowl Pro Shop1223

Poot's II1124

Yellow Cab1124

Severson Oilers926

Lawrence Transportation926

High game: John Glowczewski and Steve Pozanc, 269; High series: John Glowczewski, 709; High team game: Excel Images, 1,186; High team series: Boobies, 3,456; 650 series: Erik Thompson, 695; Brad Kanz, 663; John Prigge, 664; Jerry Kouba, 672; Steve Schoh, 669; Brian Fakler, 685; Steve Pozanc, 674.



Dan's Dugout102

Tom's Lock Service75

Winona Bowl66

Rocco's East66

Firestone Roofing66

Rocco's Pizza66

Winona Bowl Pro Shop48

Buck's Bar39

High game: Geoff Schewe, Firestone Roofing, 300; High series: Geoff Schewe, Firestone Roofing, 788; High team game: Rocco's Pizza, 1,147; High team series: Rocco's Pizza, 3,331; 650 series: Greg Fakler, 652; Joe Schaefer, 664; Brian Fakler, 655; Randy Averbeck, 658.

High Life


Flat Tires3014


Big Guns2717

Ticona Turds26.517.5

Jerry's Kids2321

Miller Time2321

Queen Bees21.522.5

Wild Turkeys2024

I Don't Knows1129


High game: Jeff Smelser, Flat Tires, 259, and Linda Scott, Queen Bees, 159; High series: Mike King, Miller Time, 644, and Pattie Schultz, Queen Bees, 447; High team game: Miller Time, 684; High team series: Miller Time, 1,865.

Junior Gold

High game: Michael Hilton, 230, and Sami Kohner, 227; High series: Joe Braatz, 651, and Sami Kohner, 580; High team game: Hot Shots, 748; High team series: Hot Shots, 2,085; 600 series: Tyler Jandt, 607; 500 series: Michael Hilton, 559; Chad Shiroma, 546; Eric Thill, 561; Brent Cordes, 509.



Dan's Dugout269


Winona Bowl Pro Shop1718

Bob Brink1619

Qualitee Screen Printing1421

Borkowski Towing1322

High game: Diane Marley, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 231; High series: Diane Marley, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 627; High team game: Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 3,283; High team series: Dan's Dugout, 3,283; 600 series: Wendy Fakler, 602; 550 series: Angie Pomeroy, 590; Tammy Bigelow, 581; Jenny Glowczewski, 562; Kim Kubis, 553.



Winona Bowl156

Mankato Bar147

Audion Designs147


Wieser Precast119

Qualitee Screen Printing129

Dan's Dugout 2129

Dan's 3/Boone's Boys129

Dan's Dugout 11110

Winona Bowl Pro Shop1110

Polar Carwash1110


We Like Beer714

Rasmussen Construction714

Horman Enterprises516

Harrison Insurance516

High game: Larry Hock, Dan's Dugout 1, 268; High series: Jeff Smelser, Dan's Dugout 2, 682; High team game: Rasmussen Construction, 1,243; High team series: Rasmussen Construction, 3,301; 650 series: Bruce Malewicki, 661; Seth Bonow, 668.



Winona Bowl Lounge208

PJ's Plumbing & Htg.1711

Teams Z's1414

Security Plus1414

Herff Jones1414

King Koin1216

Dick's Marine1117

Performance Marine1018

High game: Dion Melbostad, Teams Z's, 279; High series: Robbie Waldera, Winona Bowl Lounge, 688; High team game: Performance Marine, 1,188; High team series: Winona Bowl Lounge, 3,334; 650 series: Dion Melbostad, 687; Ryan Przybylski, 683; John Mayzek, 650.

Mixed Nuts


BOHWCA Nuts4617

R We Nuts4327

Numb Nuts4023

Slap Nuts4023

Must B Nuts3931

Real Nuts3832

Nut Cups3634

Nut Clusters35.527.5

Going Nuts3429


Honey Nuts2934

Loose Nuts28.541.5

Beer Nuts2743

Got Nuts2743

Family Nuts2043

Party Nuts2043

High game: John Glowczewski, 265, and Angie Pomeroy, 235; High series: John Glowczewski, 763, and Diane Marley, 655; High team game: Party Nuts, 895; High team series: Party Nuts, 2,550; 700 series: Brian Fakler, 741; Geoff Schewe, 717; 650 series: Mark Walters, 655; Women's 600 series: Krystal Dorman, 631; 550 series: Gwendolyn Fakler, 591; Angie Pomeroy, 568.

Next Generation

High team: Doug Berg, 195, and Krystal Brown, 147; High series: Brandon Beech, 526, and Chelsey Brosig, 389; High team game: Smackdown, 674; High team series: Smackdown, 1,933.


Pin Pals102

Car Ramrod102



Pin Gobblers93



Team Nascar66



J's & L's48




Outhouse Productions210

4 Hopefuls1.510.5

High game: Junior Larkie, 263, and Linda Scott, 195; High series: Andy Jackson, 705, and Yvonne Tamke, 512; High team game: Car Ramrod, 977; High team series: Car Ramrod, 2,765; 650 series: Brian Parpart, 652.



Club Midway146

Dan's Dugout119

Brown Construction119

Gernes Constructon1010


Anytime Nails1010

Paul Doran Ins.812

Winona Bowl614

High game: Keri Wegman, Gernes Construction, 226; High series: Keri Wegman, Gernes Construction, 654; High team game: Winona Bowl, 1,112; High team series: Gernes Construction, 3,221.



Audio Designs2312

Darran Jonsgaard Truck.2114

Winona Bowl1916

Winona Bowl Pro Shop1619

Horman Enterprises1619

Schwab Co.1025

High game: Keri Prigge, Winona Bowl, 247; High series: Angie Pomeroy, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 608; High team game: Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 1,099; High team series: Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 3,169; 600 series: Keri Prigge, 607; 550 series: Krystal Dorman, 567.



Elks 2155

Bay State Milling119

Elks 11010


Eastwood Bank911


High game: Monica Holland, Elks 1, 212; High series: Machelle Benson, RTP, 556; High team game: Elks 1, 1,164; High team series: Elks 1, 3,128.

Athletic Club




Athletic Club137


AC Two812

Lattman's Cycle713

Mankato Bar416

High game: Ryan Bell, 211; High series: Leo Stencel, 550; High team game: Athletic Club, 879; High team series: Athletic Club, 2,537.



D & D102

Bay State Milling84

Silver Eagle Trucking39

AC Misfits39

High team: Janet Block, AC Misfits, 212; High series: Jeanne Kreidermacher, Silver Eagle Trucking, 574; High team game: Bay State Milling, 751; High team series: Bay State Milling, 2,188.



S & H Customz63

Eco Water63


Harbor Bums45

Rather B Ripski's36


High team: Aaron Serwa, S & H Customz, 203, and Sara Galewski, Bloedow's, 178; High series: Aaron Serwa, S & H Customz, 524, and Lindsay Boynton, S & H Customz, 471; High team game: S & H Customz, 916; High team series: S & H Customz, 2,498.

Nordic Lanes

Lucky Rollers


Fingers in Motion2210

Rasmussen Construction1913

The Hairworks1913


Rushford Foods15.516.5

Cars & Credit1319

Bernard Bus Service1220

Litscher Processing1022

High game: Donna Rank, Rushford Foods, 241; High series: Donna Rank, Rushford Foods, 613; High team game: Fingers in Motion, 1,142; High team series: Fingers in Motion, 3,212; 550 series: Yvonne Guzman, 577


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