Postgame Bowling Report


It turned out to be a truly fun and successful day for the Pomeroy sisters in the final shift of the Winona Women's Bowling Association City Tournament on Sunday at Nordic Lanes in Rushford.

Angie and Becky Pomeroy, bowling as a doubles team for the first time, blew away the field with a blistering 1,320 scratch score and a 1,434 handicapped mark. They finished 59 pins better than any other team in Division 1.

Angie, 23, knocked down a 680 national honor count, while 19-year-old Becky turned in a season-high 640 series.

"I bowled in the team event and didn't bowl spectacular," Angie said. "I had no idea what was going to happen. We wanted to do well as a team. I definitely never expected it to happen as it did, but it's awesome.

"The last four years, we've become really close. We're four years apart. Things can get a little rough at times. It was a very special day. We were so happy. It was a cool experience. We had never bowled a tournament together. We did better than we imagined."

Becky Pomeroy has been bowling in adult leagues for two years. The sisters bowl together on the Winona Bowl Pro Shop team on Mondays in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl, where Becky held a 183-181 advantage in average going into last week. Angie averages 186 on Wednesdays in the Lamplighter League at Winona Bowl.

"We have a lot of similarities," Becky said. "We both throw the same arrow. Some people say we're different and some say we're the same. We're both different in our own way.

"I didn't expect to bowl that well. We went in to have fun. It was kind of surprising. The last time I bowled in Rushford, I didn't bowl well at all. The first game I had a 209 and she had a 204. That got us fired up. I was really consistent. That's the best I've bowled all year. We weren't nervous. That made it better. It was more laid back."

Angie Pomeroy purchased a new ball about two weeks before the city tournament, but didn't use it in the team event. But since bringing out the new ball, she's been one of the hottest bowlers in town. She tossed a 687 series Saturday in the La Crosse Traveling League at Pla-Mor Lanes in La Crosse. She came back on Sunday with the 680 in doubles and a 604 in singles in the city tournament, and followed that with a 661 series Monday night and a 666 Wednesday in league play.

With scores like that, the Pomeroy sisters could be a team to reckon with for years to come in the city tournament.

WWBA highlights

Don't ever call Mandi Steffes a one-house bowler. Not after the performance she put on at Nordic Lanes over the weekend.

Steffes, whose been hovering around the 210 average most of the year at Westgate, hammered two more 700 series in singles and doubles with a 720 and a 703.

Krystal Dorman drilled a 683 series and a 627, and Sue Buermann also turned in a pair of 600s (633, 629).

Jenny Glowczewski, who always seems to rise to the occasion in tournaments, won the Division 1 singles, thanks to a 665 scratch series. Kayla Schultz was the Division 2 singles champion, while Angie Ball and Brooke Kessler combined for the Division 2 doubles crown. The all-events champions were Dana Jonsgaard in Division 1 and Julie Bilicki in Division 2.

WBA tournament

The Winona Bowling Association Men's City Tournament kicked off last Saturday at Winona Bowl. And once again, big scores were the norm in the team event.

Nick Heilman fired a 300 game and 761 series on Sunday, the same day that Geoff Schewe rolled an 805 series. Schewe threw a 740 on Saturday.

Brian Fakler added scores of 782 and 723, and Larry Hock fired his first 700 of the season with a 725.

The singles and doubles portion of the tournament will be held this weekend and next.

Who's hot?

Who says all the big scores are being rolled by the youngsters these days? Look at the performance of Rich Babler Thursday night in the Classic League at Westgate. Babler tossed a 300 game and an 801 series.

Another veteran who's been tearing up the lanes recently is Bill Bonow, who in the last week has rolled scores of 740, 716 and 710.

Rolling big scores is not something new for Dale Bartelson. Rolling them at Winona Bowl is.

Bartelson, subbing in the City League on Monday night, blasted a 772 national honor count. He followed that up on Tuesday with a 728 series in the American League. The Bartelson family enjoyed a big night in the American League. Kim Bartelson, Dale's father, turned in a 693 series, while younger brother Brad added a 691.

Tyler Brown rolled a career-high 790 honor count Tuesday in the Root River League at Nordic Lanes.

Joining Dale Bartelson with a pair of honor counts in the past week were Brian Fakler (758, 703) and Jeff Hubbard (702, 702).

Corey Koehler (756), Dave Amman (739) and Shawn Smith (739) both turned in their first honor counts of the year last week. And Dean Ingram went one step farther with his first career honor count, a 713, on Tuesday in the Blue Ribbon League.

Keri Prigge turned in the high women's score for the week with a 673 honor count in the Sunsetters League at Westgate. She also rolled a 630 on Monday at Winona Bowl. Mandi Steffes (662, 632) and Angie Pomeroy (666, 661) joined Prigge with a pair of honor counts, while Mary Kosidowski fired her first 600 of the year with a 605 in the Sunsetters League.

There were some major individual accomplishments in Wednesday afternoon's Alley Cats League at Westgate. Berniece Ruhoff recorded her first career 200 game (223) and 500 series (501), and Ruth Schaffner rolled her first 200 game with a 200.


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