Westgate Bowl




Winona Lighting2213

Joe's Barber Shop2114


Fortress Bank1718

Tom's Lock Service1421

American Family1421

High game: Rick Rockwell, Boelter's, 279; High series: Jason Michalak, Joe's Barber Shop, 721; High team game: Joe's Barber Shop, 1,203; High team series: Joe's Barber Shop, 3,435; 700 series: Adam Stockhausen, 702; 650 series: Rick Rockwell, 681; Bob Cyert, 683; Bob Jandt, 682; Errorless: Bob Cyert, 683.

Alley Cats



Bronk's Gardens106

Floor Coverings97

Badger Agency88

Borkowski Towing610

River City Htng & AC511

High game: Berniece Ruhoff, Floor Coverings of Winona, 223; High series: Pat Ellefson, Strikers, 554; High team game: Strikers, 873; High team series: Floor Coverings of Winona, 2,442.

Alley Gaters


Home Federal Bank66.521.5


Theis Printing5236

Westgate Bowl4840

Cardinal Pumping4543

Schaffner Plbg & Htg.4345

Baker Shoes3355

High game: Julie Moldenhauer, Home Federal Bank, and Kris Oeltjen, Baker Shoes, 234; High series: Maggie Glenn, Westgate Bowl, 599; High team game: Cardinal Pumping, 1,085; High team series: Baker Shoes, 3,128; 550 series: Julie Moldenhauer, 596; Kris Oeltjen, 597.



Linces Village Inn17

H & M Plumbing15

Chula Vista14


Kuehn Trucking13.5

Westgate Bowl13

Theis Printing12

North Castle10.5

Das Wurst Haus10


Championship Trophies9

Lewiston Country Club6

High game: Nick Heilman, 299; High series: Dale Bartelson, 728; High team game: Kuehn Trucking, 1,241; High team series: Kuehn Trucking, 3,598; 700 series: Greg Schewe, 720; Bill Bonow, 716; Chris Gardner, 705; Nick Heilman, 702; 650 series: Scott Schultz, 651; Kim Bartelson, 693; Dan Schultz, 660; Ken Cordes, 699; Brad Bartelson, 691; Lynn Hanson, 674; Myron Weege Jr., 667.



Nicholas J's Pro Shop89.5


Gabby's/Fifth St. Liquor82.5

Lakeview Drive Inn72.5

Coldwell Bankers69.5

Ches Pozanc Trucking 168

Westgate Bowl62.5

Ches Pozanc Trucking 256

High game: Rich Babler, Westgate Bowl, 300; High series: Rich Babler, Westgate Bowl, 801; High team game: Westgate Bowl, 1,324; High team series: Ches Pozanc Trucking 1, 3,618; 700 series: Josh Wenzel, 761; Mike Durnen, 723; Jerry Koutsky, 717; Bob Pozanc, 712; Bill Bonow, 710; Jeff Hubbard, 702; Russ Prenot, 702; 650 series: Ralph Dunbar, 653; Tim Wangen, 663; Greg Bambenek, 654; Don Dennis, 681; Dale Bartelson, 670; Myron Weege Jr., 657; Brian Dunbar, 663; Tim Pozanc, 652; Erin McGuire, 684; Jeff Smelser, 664; Tom Donnelly, 656.



The Owners24.514.5

Geoff's Guys2415

The Monkeez1722

Pin Busters12.526.5

High game: Chris Steffen, Pin Busters, 183; High series: Sonny LaPorta, Geoff's Guys, 474; High team game: Pin Busters, 708; High team series: Pin Busters, 2,130; 400 series: Chris Steffen, 438.

Knights of Columbus


Polachek Electric38.521.5

Fifth St. Liquor37.522.5


Lackore Shockers2832

Benchmark Electronics2436


High game: Dave Bohn, Wellington's, 279; High series: Dave Bohn, Wellington's, 718; High team game: Fifth St. Liquor, 1,147; High team series: Fifth St. Liquor, 3,361; 650 series: Todd Weege, 696; Jerry Dalleska, 663; Charlie Nelson, 656.



Winona Bowl235

United Machine226

Kato Liquor199

Eagles Club1612


Wellington's BBC1315

Bucks & Bows1216


Suds and Store1018

Jefferson's Pub919

Action Remodeling714


High game: Matt Wicka, Wellington's BBC, 278; High series: Dave Amman, Winona Bowl, 739; High team game: United Machine, 1,220; High team series: United Machine, 3,547; 650 series: Myron Weege Sr., 657; Larry Moger, 694; Matt Wicka, 698; Darrin Aarre, 681; Erik Kanz, 673.



Bloedow's Bakery59.528.5


Walz Buick5038

Discount Liquor47.540.5

Hardt's Music4246

Tibesar Appraisal3850

River Hills Dental35.552.5

Glasspoole Drywall28.559.5

High game: Gloria Schaefer, Discount Liquor, 245; High series: Gigi Larson, Walz Buick, 637; High team game: Discount Liquor, 1,095; High team series: Discount Liquor, 3,208; 600 series: Mandi Steffes, 632; 550 series: Wendy Kronebusch, 588; Gloria Schaefer, 573; Kelly Porter, 545.

Pin Topplers


John Glow's Pro Shop6721


Westgate Bowl5335

Dan's Dugout5038

Midtown Foods41.546.5

Eagles Club4147

Pieces of the Past3652

High game: Mandi Steffes, John Glow's Pro Shop, 256; High series: Mandi Steffes, John Glow's Pro Shop, 662; High team game: Westgate Bowl, 1,109; High team series: John Glow's Pro Shop, 3,206; 600 series: Tina Benedict, 643; Jenny Glowczewski, 639; 550 series: Rose Schultz, 599; Sharon Neitzke, 550.

Senior Citizens

High game: Joe Wachowiak, 246, and Millie Sabo, 183; High series: Ted Block, 631, and Millie Sabo, 511; 600 series: Jim Konkel, 619.



North Castle Specialties135

Schniepp's Bar108

Wellington's Pub108

Zaborowski Financial108

Lewiston Auto99

Ron Speltz Construction99

Alliance Bank612

J & M Construction513

High game: Keri Prigge, Lewiston Auto, 235; High series: Keri Prigge, Lewiston Auto, 673; High team game: Schniepp's Bar, 1,095; High team series: Schniepp's Bar, 3,170; 600 series: Mary Kosidowski, 605; 550 series: Mary Sue Kukowski, 561; Mary Lou Hazelton, 554.


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