Winona Bowl


Blue Ribbon



Betty Jo's2814

Qualitee Screen Printing2616

Fred's Body Shop2616

Excel Images2418


Dan's Dugout1923


Benchmark Brew Crew1824

Yellow Cab1824

Poot's II1626

Lawrence Transportation1626

Winona Bowl Pro Shop1428

Severson Oilers1428

High game: Brian Fakler, Severson Oilers, 260; High series: Roger Glenna Jr., Severson Oilers, 716; High team game: Severson Oilers, 1,166; High team series: Severson Oilers, 3,396; 700 series: Dean Ingram, 713; Brian Fakler, 703; 650 series: Ralph Dunbar, 664; Aaron Serwa, 651.



Dan's Dugout114

Winona Bowl96

Firestone Roofing96

Rocco's East87

Tom's Lock Service78

Winona Bowl Pro Shop78

Rocco's Pizza69

Buck's Bar312

High game: Matt Wise, Winona Bowl, and Dale Bartelson, Firestone Roofing, 268; High series: Dale Bartelson, Firestone Roofing, 772; High team game: Firestone Roofing, 1,173; High team series: Firestone Roofing, 3,425; 700 series: Geoff Schewe, 718; Matt Wise, 717; 650 series: Brian Fakler, 678; Dan Boynton, 673; Larry Betchwars, 672; Steve Maliszewski, 662; Ross Harrison, 654.

High Life


Flat Tires3315


Big Guns2919

Ticona Turds27.520.5

Jerry's Kids2424

Wild Turkeys2424

Queen Bees23.524.5

Miller Time2325

I Don't Knows1731


High game: Dave Smelser, Flat Tires, 257, and Julie Whetstone, I Don't Knows, 197; High series: Daren Bussian, Franchise, 621, and Julie Whetstone, I Don't Knows, 533; High team game: Ticona Turds, 650; High team series: Flat Tires, 1,797.

Junior Gold

High game: Kyle Malewicki, 249, and Sami Kohner, 196; High series: Kyle Malewicki, 633, and Sami Kohner, 530; 600 series: Izak Walgraeve, 622; Eric Woestehoff, 605; 500 series: Chad Shiroma, 514; Joe Braatz, 562; Aaron Shiroma, 531; Brent Cordes, 525; Tyler Jandt, 532; Eric Thill, 521; Robert Mitchell, 509.



Dan's Dugout2913

Winona Bowl Pro Shop2418


Borkowski Towing1824

Bob Brink1626

Qualitee Screen Printing1626

High game: Angie Pomeroy, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 236; High series: Angie Pomeroy, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 666; High team game: Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 1,183; High team series: Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 3,322; 600 series: Sue Ingvaldson, 608; Diane Marley, 604; 550 series: Krystal Dorman, 589; Beth Poulin, 576; Dawn Bronk, 566; Lori Booth, 550.



Winona Bowl226

Dan's Dugout 2199


Winona Bowl Pro Shop1810

Polar Car Wash1810

Audio Designs1711

Dan's 3/Boone's Boys1711

Qualitee Screen Printing1612

Mankato Bar1414

Dan's Dugout 11315

Wieser Precast1216

Horman Enterprises1216


Rasmussen Construction721

We Like Beer721

Harrison Insurance424

High game: Tom Bell, Dan's Dugout 2, 297; High series: Brian Fakler, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 758; High team game: Polar Car Wash, 1,202; High team series: Dan's Dugout 2, 3,429; 700 series: Corey Koehler, 756; Bill Bonow, 740; Jeff Hubbard, 702; 650 series: Bob Prenot, 679; Rich Babler, 698; Brent Decker, 654; Brian Cierzan, 650; Joe Schaefer, 650; Tom Bell, 681; Bob Oebser, 663; Errorless: Tom Bell, 681; Bob Oebser, 663; Billy Benedict, 610; Jeff Smelser, 642; Doug Booher, 516.



Winona Bowl Lounge278

Security Plus2114

PJ's Plumbing & Htg.2015

Performance Marine1718

King Koin1619

Herff Jones1421

Teams Z's1421

Dick's Marine1124

High game: Matt Wise, Performance Marine, 267; High series: Shawn Smith, Winona Bowl, 739; High team game: Security Plus, 1,152; High team series: Winona Bowl, 3,307; 650 series: Joey Gudmundson, 679; John Prigge, 678; Jason Nelton, 676; Joe Singer, 673; Greg Cierzan, 669; Matt Wise, 653.

Mixed Nuts

High game: John Glowczewski, 265, and Angie Pomeroy, 235; High series: John Glowczewski, 763, and Diane Marley, 655; High team game: Party Nuts, 895; High team series: Party Nuts, 2,550; 700 series: Brian Fakler, 741; Geoff Schewe, 717; 650 series: Mark Walters, 655; Women's 600 series: Krystal Dorman, 631; 550 series: Gwendolyn Fakler, 591; Angie Pomeroy, 568.

Next Generation

High team: Brandon Beech, 201, and Karissa Kluzik, 181; High series: Brandon Beech, 562, and Karissa Kluzik, 465; 450 series: Zachary Erickson, 467; John Ehlers, 497; Josh Walters, 452; Dan Brown, 486; Doug Berg, 472; Philip Dunbar, 465.

Pee Wees

High game: Anakin Hazelton, 81, and Hailey Krousey, 84.

Pin Busters

High game: Brittany Frauenkron, 126, and Colin Fakler, 172; High two-game series: Brittany Frauenkron, 239, and Colin Fakler, 296; 200 series: Drew Fakler, 282; Tyler Przybylski, 275; Lance Dunbar, 201; Hailey Schaefer, 209; Blake Budnick, 208; Brandon Brokaw, 205

Pin Smashers

High game: Dylan Hohensee-Burbach, 167, and Lindsey Fratzke, 135; High two-game series: Dylan Hohensee-Burbach, 309, and Lindsey Fratzke, 251; 200 series: Jordan Gahnz, 239.


Pin Pals102

Car Ramrod102



Pin Gobblers93



Team Nascar66



J's & L's48




Outhouse Productions210

4 Hopefuls1.510.5

High game: Junior Larkie, 263, and Linda Scott, 195; High series: Andy Jackson, 705, and Yvonne Tamke, 512; High team game: Car Ramrod, 977; High team series: Car Ramrod, 2,765; 650 series: Brian Parpart, 652.



Dan's Dugout159

Club Midway159

Anytime Nails1410


Gernes Construction1311

Brown Construction1113

Paul Doran Ins.816

Winona Bowl618

High game: Keri Wegman, Gernes Construction, 239; High series: Sue Buermann, Dan's Dugout, 612; High team game: Anytime Nails, 1,105; High team series: Anytime Nails, 3,172; 550 series: Rose Schultz, 552; Keri Wegman, 555.



Audio Designs2616

Darran Jonsgaard Truck.2616

Winona Bowl2616

Winona Bowl Pro Shop2022

Horman Enterprises1824

Schwab Co.1032

High game: Becky Pomeroy, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 267; High series: Angie Pomeroy, Winona Bowl Pro Shop, 661; High team game: Winona Bowl, 1,160; High team series: Winona Bowl, 3,266; 600 series: Keri Prigge, 630; Wendy Fakler, 609; 550 series: Krystal Dorman, 589; Becky Pomeroy, 583; Dawn Dunbar, 564.


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