Entrants in Lighted Home contest


Callers have asked for the locations of all of the lighted homes in the Coldwell Banker/Moore & Associates and Winona Post Christmas lighting contest, to make it easier to drive to see them all. Here you go!

220 W. 5th St.

623 Harriet

518 W. 7th St.

623 W. 6th St.

730 W. 6th St.

203 Mechanic St.

174 N. Baker St.

1256 W. 6th St.

1649 W. 5th St.

1715 W. 5th St.

1726 W. 6th St.

770 52nd Ave.

5460 W. 6th St.

60 Marval Drive, Minnesota City

122 Cleveland St., Rollingstone

526 Westdale Ave.

24620 Gilmore Valley

29767 Pine Tree Lane, Hwy. 43

1077 E. 8th St.

929 E. 5th St.

928 E. 5th St.

857 E. 5th St.

618 E. 2nd St.

776 Bluff View Cr.

568 E. 10th St.


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