Students learn social issues, self-esteem


Andrea Essar, WSU Masters degree candidate, visited with St. Stanislaus Middle School classes during the months of October, November and December to discuss bullying issues and difficult social situations with the students. Her Capstone project titled, "Good Friends", examined the role of a bully, a bystander,also targeted and practiced ways for students to effectively stand up to bullies in safe situations. Students learned about self-esteem and how building self-esteem can lessen the chances of being a target and can increase the courage to speak up when bullying is witnessed. During the program students set personal goals to reduce bullying behavior at school and also discussed how important each person is and how we can make sure our words value others. On Monday,December 18,2006 the students hard work was rewarded with an assembly in the gym. Each student received an award certificate. WSU professor, Dr. Tim Hatfield was the keynote speaker for this event. Dr. Hatfield impressed on the students that what they have learned over the past weeks would be something they would hold on to and use in subsequent grade levels.


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