Man allegedly hits dog, apologizes, gets busted for pot


by Sarah Squires

A call from Minnesota City on Christmas night reporting threats left one man with a few tickets after police found marijuana sitting in plain view inside his car while he was speaking with them.

The Winona County Sheriff's Department responded to the call reporting that a man allegedly had been driving back and forth in front of a residence and staring at a man and his wife. The couple reported that he then got out of his red Grand Am and started walking toward their home. The caller said that, after an exchange of words, the man got in his car and began backing out.

This is when the man, Samuel Jacob Mlynczak, 21, of Winona, hit the couple's dog.

Police said the man then began to drive off, but came back and told the couple he was sorry for hitting their dog, who was unhurt.

Police spotted a car fitting the description a few minutes later and stopped Mlynczak to speak and spotted some marijuana inside of the car.

Mlynczak was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana in a motor vehicle, as well as for drug paraphernalia.


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