Smith, Dungy a match made in heaven
...but don’t bet against B&B


Well fans, I have discovered a way to transform the Vikings franchise overnight, from an increasingly confused and bedraggled loser to perennial winner. All Zygi Wilf has to do is hire Bill Belichick away from the Patriots and get him to bring that Brady guy, too. Watching them beat the Chargers on Sunday was a reminder of what fans of the Purple saw so little of all year; disciplined, fundamentally sound football, great quarterbacking, and exciting offense run by a wily fox calling plays.

The trick pass from center to Kevin Faulk to score the two-point conversion late in the game was a sheer stroke of genius. Imagine Brad Childress trying to duel at mind games with Belichick over injury reports last October. He's lucky he didn't sprain his brain.

It appears at this writing (Tuesday) that Mike Tomlin has a real shot at the Pittsburgh job, which I find rather improbable. His defense put up great numbers against the run, but after the disastrous rout by the Pats, showed themselves unable to defend the pass at all, and were picked apart in every succeeding game in which they faced a decent QB. Tomlin shows great promise, but hasn't proven he can make adjustments when the game is on, not to mention field a team that can cover the forward pass. I sincerely hope he doesn't get the Pittsburgh job, because it will be interesting to see what he is able to accomplish here in the next year or two.

Above all, he has to figure out a way to get consistent pressure on the opposing QB. It is maddening to watch a team featuring no less than three low first round draft picks along the defensive line (with a fourth recently shipped out to Tampa Bay) so lacking a pass rush. If he can't solve that problem next year, I don't think he is ready for a head coaching job yet.

All the softies and sentimentalists are declaring a Super Bowl featuring Tony Dungy and his protg, Lovey Smith, a made-in-heaven Super Bowl match. I, too, would like to see that, particularly on behalf of Dungy, a truly class individual. (I always said the organization should have promoted him and let Denny Green go.) But I would never bet against Belichick and Brady, nor on Rex Grossman.


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