Two dogs likely poisoned


On 12-20-09, the Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office along with the Department of Natural Resources and the Rochester Fire Department HAZMAT Team responded to the Randy and Eva Dankers residence on Pepin Hill between Wabasha and Lake City in response to a deer carcass site that may have been poisoned to kill coyotes.

This response also came after the Dankers had lost two of their dogs. The initial cause of death was likely some type of poisoning. Testing will be performed on the two dogs and on some of the carcasses that were found to see what was exactly used. The Sheriff’s Office is working with the MN Pollution Control and the Dept. of Agriculture to get the site cleaned up.

Wabasha County Sheriff Rodney Bartsh commented, “I believe that this is not an isolated incident in relationship to people putting out poison on or near deer carcasses. In this case, it turned deadly for a couple family pets. We are thankful that the family is okay after having been exposed themselves. We are working with the county attorney to determine what or if there are any criminal charges that may apply here.”


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