Water main breaks, closes Sarnia Street


by Sarah Squires

Much of Sarnia Street was closed Monday after a water main broke, filling the street with water as crews tried to find the leak.

Sarnia was shut down between Hamilton and Main streets until about 5 p.m., with water services shut off for most of the day between Chestnut and Market Streets.

Traffic was rerouted along Lake Drive, with large trucks following Highway 43 routed to Broadway and Mankato Avenue.

Crews found the leak at Sarnia and Franklin streets, repaired it by 5 p.m. and then back-filled the sections of roadway that were torn up. Those street areas were covered with crushed rock and will be fully replaced in the spring. “It’s in good shape right now,” said Water Plant Operator Paul Martin.

The cause of the burst main is believed to be the cold weather and the old cast iron pipes, which can’t withstand dramatic weather changes as well as new materials such as plastic do.


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