Marine Museum will not get Thompson


Winona's Marine Art Museum Museum had long planned to secure the recently retired dredge vessel William A. Thompson from the U.S. Corps of Engineers and to berth it adjacent to the museum as a permanent exhibit. But in a release on Friday, Bud Baechler, a museum director, said the museum has not secured the funds needed for relocating and operating the Thompson exhibit, and has been forced to withdraw its proposal. Baechler said, “This is a disappointment to many of us who love the Thompson and its people who maintained navigation on the Upper Mississippi. I believe the Thompson would be a valued addition to the museum and the Winona area, and continue to hope that sources of funding will materialize. However, the museum board realizes that it would be irresponsible to pursue the project without adequate funding.”

However, the museum is displaying an interpretive exhibit of the Thompson, recently retired by the Corps of Engineers from service on the Mississippi River.


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