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There are not a lot of surprises atop the leader board this year in the midseason average report.

But there are a few new faces that have made their way into the top 10.

Nick Heilman and Krystal Dorman are both having career years, and it shows in their averages at the midway point of the 2008-09 season.

Heilman is currently carrying the top men’s average with a 234 in the American League at Westgate Bowl. He rolled 700s on six consecutive Tuesdays at one point, and currently has seven for the year, including four scores over 750.

Dorman has lit up the lanes at Winona Bowl at a record pace in the first four months. The left-hander has tossed seven 700s and five other scores over 675 so far this season. She’s rolling along at a 220 clip on Wednesdays in the Lamplighter League and 214 on Mondays in the Spinners League.

If she continues at this pace, Dorman would be the first Winona women to ever average 220 or better. Keri Prigge recorded the city’s highest average ever last year with a 218.

Prigge is tied with Dorman for the second highest average with a 214 in the Sunsetters League at Westgate. Prigge is also averaging 209 in the Spinners League at Winona Bowl, which is good for fifth.

Julie Moldenhauer holds down the fourth spot with a 211 average in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate. She’s got four 700s and 4 other scores over 670 this year.

Mandi Steffes joins Dorman and Prigge with two averages in the top 10. Steffes is currently carrying a 208 in the Pin Topplers and a 200 in the Mixers League, both at Westgate. Diane Marley is also averaging 208 in the Lamplighter League.

Rounding out the top 10 are Laurie Wiseman (199) and Lindsay Serwa (194), both from the Pin Topplers League.

Tod Walters is having himself quite a season in the Blue Ribbon League at Winona Bowl. His 231 average is second to Heilman.

Defending city average champion Josh Wenzel is third at 229, while Seth Bonow, Darrin Aarre and Scott Schultz are in a three-way tie for fourth at 228. Bonow has turned in the top men’s score in the first half with an 834 in the Legion League at Winona Bowl. Aarre’s 807 series in the Masters League at Westgate is the only other 800 so far this season.

Greg Schewe holds down the seventh highest average at 227, and Jason Michalak is eighth at 224. Tied for the final spots in the top 10 are Geoff Schewe, Bob Bigelow and Adam Stockhausen, all at 223.

Five of the top 11 men’s averages come from the American League.

We’re No. 8!!

An article in November’s edition of Bowlers Journal International magazine titled “95 Bowling Centers You Must Visit Before You Die” has Westgate Bowl No. 8 on its list.

The magazines states: “Bowling and beer are long-time soul mates. Westgate patrons can see microbrews being made at Backwater Brewing Company, located inside the center’s food and beverage operation. It’s suds nirvana.”

If you find a copy of the magazine, you’ll also see a photo of Westgate manager Dave Hultgren with a bowling ball in one hand and a cold microbrew in the other.

Who’s hot?

Winona Bowl owner Brian Fakler tied his season-high series Monday night in the City League with a 790 national honor count. He came back on Tuesday with a 701 in the Blue Ribbon League.

Adam Stockhausen rolled his top score of the season last Thursday with a 755 series in the Action League at Westgate. Kyle Malewicki added a 750 last Friday in the Legion League at Winona Bowl.

Also hitting 700 in the past week were Tyler Brown (722), Tod Walters (720), Brian Cierzan (720), Mike Durnen (715), Aaron Serwa (708), Dave Stutzka (705), Sam Averbeck (703), Matt Wise (702) and Doug Drazkowski (703).

Julie Moldenhauer paced the gals with a 685 series Monday in the Alley Gaters League. Angie Booher fired a 657 in the Spinners League and Shirley Benedict pitched in a 656 in the Pin Topplers.

Wendy Fakler (628) and Krystal Dorman (608) also rolled 600s.

Top mid-season averages


1. Nick Heilman, American, Westgate234

2. Tod Walters, Blue Ribbon, Winona Bowl231

3. Josh Wenzel, American, Westgate229

4. Seth Bonow, Legion, Winona Bowl228

(tie) Darrin Aarre, Masters, Westgate228

(tie) Scott Schultz, American, Westgate228

7. Greg Schewe, American, Westgate227

8. Jason Michalak, Action, Westgate224

9. Geoff Schewe, Legion, Winona Bowl223

(tie) Bob Bigelow, American, Westgate223

(tie) Adam Stockhausen, Action, Westgate223


1. Krystal Dorman, Lamplighter, Winona Bowl220

2. Keri Prigge, Sunsetters, Westgate214

(tie) Krystal Dorman, Spinners, Winona Bowl214

4. Julie Moldenhauer, Alley Gaters, Westgate211

5. Keri Prigge, Spinners, Winona Bowl209

6. Diane Marley, Lamplighter, Winona Bowl208

(tie) Mandi Steffes, Pin Topplers, Westgate208

8. Mandi Steffes, Mixers, Westgate200

9. Laurie Wiseman, Pin Topplers, Westgate199

10. Lindsay Serwa, Pin Topplers, Westgate194


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