Man arrested for assault


by Chris Rogers

On Monday, December 24, at 1:47 a.m., Winona County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of domestic violence in St. Charles. St. Charles resident Joshua Pagel, 27, allegedly grabbed an elderly St. Charles resident by the wrist, injuring her. Pagel left the residence before the deputies arrived, but was reported to be at a house in Dover and armed with a handgun.

Deputies from Winona County and Olmsted County Sheriff’s Departments and St. Charles Police officers arrived at the Dover residence and surrounded the property. Pagel was lying underneath a trailer outside the house when he got up and allegedly “rushed” Olmsted County deputies who were setting up a roadblock, according to the report. The deputies shot Pagel at least once with a non-lethal “bean bag” round. One of the shots hit Pagel in the chin. Pagel was flown to Mayo that night for surgery. As of Thursday, December 27, he was still recovering there.

Winona County will bring felony assault charges against Pagel. The Olmsted County deputies involved in the shooting are on administrative leave pending a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation of the case, which is standard procedure, according to the Winona County Sheriff’s Department.


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