Methamphetamine crisis in Trempealeau County


Trempealeau County District Attorney Taavi McMahon wants the public to be aware of the skyrocketing increase in methamphetamine related cases in the past year.

In 2012 an 2013 the Trempealeau County District Attorney’s Office prosecuted one methamphetamine case. In 2014, 17 were filed. In 2015, 30 cases were filed with the court.

This dramatic increase is shocking and takes a tremendous toll on the community. Addicts are commonly suspects in property crimes which they commit to support their addiction. Trempealeau County Sheriff Rich Anderson reported his office alone opened 292 cases regarding drug activity in the county in 2014, most of them related to the sale, delivery, or consumption of methamphetamine and heroin. To date, the sheriff’s office has opened 233 cases. That’s estimated to be five cases each week the sheriff’s office investigates.

Three hundred fifty-five burglaries or thefts were reported in Trempealeau County in 2014, and at least 318 in 2015. Many of these cases are tied to drug use and sales.

In addition, Human Services and other treatment providers cannot keep up with the increased demand for their services regarding drug endangered children. Parents are incapacitated by their addiction and criminal involvement, placing their children at risk and often leading to out of home placement. As of today’s date the Trempealeau County Department of Human Services received 61 referrals regarding children at risk due to parents using or dealing drugs including methamphetamine.

The methamphetamine problem is regional and crosses over many jurisdictions, but even with local law enforcement working with neighboring agencies, it appears the flow of this drug into the community is ongoing.

District Attorney McMahon encourages the public to be vigilant in reporting suspected criminal behavior to law enforcement.

People suffering from addiction can seek help at the Trempealeau County Department of Human Services.


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