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Softball field reservations

Teams registered in any of the Park and Recreation leagues may reserve any of the five Bambenek fields at the lake. Youth and women’s leagues may also reserve the Dakota Street field when available as well as the Bambenek fields. These reservations may be made by phone or in the office from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday a week in advance, but not for more than one field at a time; you must use your reservation before you can make another reservation. Community members may come to the Park and Recreation office in city hall and make a personal appearance to reserve a field and pick up a “Field Permit” or may call the office to reserve a field and the permit will be emailed. Fields can be reserved for one hour during the week and two even hours on the weekends. If by mistake, a game is being held on the field that has been reserved for practice, games take precedence over practice field permits. If the fields are wet and in bad shape, please don’t use them.


Softball meeting

For those managers who were not present at the organizational softball meeting, please stop in to city hall to pick up materials and make sure the information on the schedules are correct before leaving. The league games and/or exhibition games will begin the week of April 30, 2017, barring weather conditions. (There will be no umpires for the exhibition games but bases will be out.) 


Bat ruling

A player who steps in the batter’s box and uses an illegal bat will be out, ejected for that game plus the next game – dead ball situation, base runners must return to their original base. If a player uses an altered bat, the batter is out and ejected for the rest of the season. Safety standards for bats have been established by the ASA and NSF-MSF. A complete list of legal and illegal bats for ASA and NSF-MSF and league play is listed on the ASA website at in the certified equipment section. (Bats are listed according to their manufacturer.) The illegal bats listed will remain illegal all season; no re-certification of those listed bats. The ASA may update this list as additional bats are tested and retested. For non-approved (illegal) bats the listing is at the same website. All newly purchased bats that have been approved must have the ASA certification mark on them. All bats must NOT be listed on an ASA non-approved list and must be on an approved bat list published by the ASA. As new bats are manufactured and tested these lists may change. All legal bats must fit the umpire’s bat ring, with no dents or cracks, be appropriately taped, and have a legal “knob.” ASA and NSF-MSF approved wood “softball” bats are also legal.  “Grandfathered” bats are no longer authorized in ASA and NSF-MSF. Safety standards for bats can also be found at



Softball exhibition games

Managers have received their materials and game schedules. The exhibition games and regular season games begin the week of April 30, 2017. These exhibition games are not officiated. In these exhibition games, if your team is not going to play, please call the other manager to let them know so they can call another team to play if they’d like. The bases will be left out through the season.   

Some leagues do not have exhibition games because of the number of teams and length of the season. Be sure to check your schedule; some leagues start the week of May 1 with a regular game.


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