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Field changes

Tuesday (men’s D I) and Wednesday (men’s D VII) night games on Field 3 have been moved to Field 5. Thursday (men’s D VI) and Sunday (co-rec D III) night games on Field 4 have also been moved to Field 5. This is for the remainder of the season and includes any make-up games scheduled for these leagues. Field 5 is back in good condition after its rough spring. Organizers are moving games in order to ease parking congestion on Sarnia Street and to make use of the best fields.



Please note that parking at the Winona Health Clinic on Sarnia Street (across the street from fields 3 and 4) is for patients only. Urgent care is open until 8 p.m. and the congestion is making it difficult for patients to access the facility. Any non-patient vehicles may be towed.


Softball rule

All rosters are now set, no additions, no deletions; therefore, the penalty for a player not on the roster for a league game is forfeit, if requested by the offended team or brought to the attention of the recreation director within 24 hours. That player will then be suspended for the rest of the season since it is too late to be added to any roster. Players may play in only one local men’s/women’s leagues and may also play in one co-ed league. The penalty is a loss of a game with the player suspended at least one game or more.

On close plays at second, third or home base, the base runner must slide, or give themselves up by going out of the baseline. The penalty is that the runner will be called out and possibly ejected from the game if the contact is severe and intentional. (This is a judgment call by the official and may not be protested. The key phrase is, “infringe on play.”) If the runner is out for not sliding and the ball is dislodged and goes out of play, dead ball immediately at infraction, runner(s) get the base they are going to if the umpire believes the runner would have advanced safely to that base without the infraction-otherwise the runner(s) return to the base they were at, not an additional base at that point of infraction.


Municipal Band

The Municipal Band concert series, directed by Levi Lundak, takes place each Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the historic bandshell at East Lake Winona. The Wednesday concerts will continue throughout the summer until August 16, 2017. Bring your lawn chairs, utilize the provided benches (or even rent a Liberty boat from Lake Lodge!) and enjoy the local area talented musicians in the beautiful outdoor settings of East Lake Winona, Lake Park. Any weather cancellations for concerts will be added to the Park and Recreation cancellation line. Call 507-457-8220 at 4 p.m. for updates.

For more information, please call Winona Park and Recreation at 507-457-8258 or visit


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