Man arrested following incident at Handy Corner Bar



A Winona man faces charges after officers responded to a report of an armed man threatening suicide at the Handy Corner Bar. The Winona County Attorney’s Office has charged Matthew Ryan Nguyen, 32, with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, obstructing the legal process, and disorderly conduct.

On July 1, at 7 p.m., Winona Police Department officers responded to the bar on a report that a man — allegedly Nguyen — had injured himself with a knife and may be in possession of a firearm. Witnesses, according to the complaint, told officers that Nguyen said that he had a knife and gun and wanted to die by police. When officers arrived, they were told that Nguyen had left the business. An officer observed him through a window in a residence above the bar. According to the complaint, officers attempted to make contact with Nguyen, who refused and said that he didn’t want to be arrested on a warrant.

Officers reportedly learned that he may have been hiding in a utility closet in the bar. After clearing the bar, officers asked Nguyen to exit the closet. When one officer attempted to open the closet door, he “burst” through the door, according to the complaint. Officers reportedly saw a shiny object in his hand that they believed to be a knife. “Fearing [Nguyen] was going to seriously injure officers with the knife, [a Taser was used] by one or more officers,” the complaint reads.

The complaint states that when Nguyen fell to the ground, he became combative, refusing to put his hands behind his back and moving his body. Officers reportedly deployed a Taser again. Nguyen was transported to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries and was placed on a 72-hour hold. Officers recovered a knife.


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