School closure would displace students district-wide


Busing changes limit drop-offs


A small number of students appear to be potentially moved across several school neighborhoods; those are due to students currently living in an attendance area farther away from school, but whose families have requested they attend a school within another attendance boundary. For example, under the plan to close both Rollingstone and Madison, two students would be shifted from Rollingstone to Jefferson because the families currently choose Rollingstone over closer elementary buildings.

Additionally, because WAPS plans to offer STEM programming district-wide among its elementary buildings next year, Jefferson’s STEM would no longer be a magnet program. Current Jefferson STEM students who come from other parts of the district would be moved to a school closer to their home, save for some students whose home school has closed. To further complicate the changes, if Madison were to be closed, the SLIP program would move to Jefferson, leaving less room for students who live in that neighborhood.

Families would still be able to file a formal request between April 1 and June 15 for their child or children to attend a school outside their attendance boundary for the coming year. If such a request is granted, parents would be responsible for transportation to and from school.

Additionally, the board has changed several bus policies in recent months, and will no longer allow families to request busing to more than one residence — daycare, coparents who live in separate residences, grandparents, or otherwise.

In January, the board was briefed by administrators on a policy change that would mean WAPS’ busing service would no longer allow kids to be dropped off and/or picked up in different locations, save two separated parent households who reside within the same attendance boundary and maintain a consistent schedule. The district will no longer provide busing for kids who need to go between childcare and mom and/or dad’s house, or between a grandparent’s home and their parents. Essentially, families must choose one busing location. If that one location is a child care facility outside the attendance boundary, parents must also make an application to request bus service to the district between April 15 and June 1 for consideration.

Ideally, said WAPS Director of Learning and Teaching Kelly Halvorsen, kids wouldn’t have to be redistricted — or moved from school to school — more than once within four years, but that portion of the attendance boundary policy was also struck. A student whose sibling(s) or parent(s) attended a certain school will not be considered when administrators determine a student’s attendance boundary. “That certainly can’t be a factor,” said Halvorsen. “If you live across town, we can’t let you attend a certain school because your parents went there or your grandparents went there.”

Halvorsen encouraged families who were confused by the policy change to contact the district, stating, “This is something that will impact students and families.” She encouraged the board to examine other Big 9 schools with similar policies, and others that don’t.

The attendance boundary policy also states that the district must inform families of attendance boundary changes no later than April 1. The WAPS Board is slated to make its budget cut decision — and potential school closure decision — on March 29, just one business day away from the April 1 deadline. It is unclear whether that leaves enough time for administrators to inform families that their child or children are to be moved to a new school.

Madison closed

444 students stay
346 students change schools

• 27 Goodview to Jefferson; 6 Goodview to Rollingstone; 7 Goodview to W-K
• 36 Jefferson to Goodview; 8 Jefferson to Rollingstone; 50 Jefferson to W-K
• 2 Madison to Goodview; 53 Madison to Jefferson; 79 Madison SLIP to SLIP at W-K; 17 Madison to W-K
• 3 Rollingstone to Goodview; 2 Rollingstone to Jefferson
• 10 W-K to Goodview; 44 W-K to Jefferson; 2 W-K to Rollingstone

Rollingstone closed

493 students stay
297 students change schools

• 39 Goodview to Jefferson; 10 Goodview to Madison; 10 Goodview to W-K
• 32 Jefferson to Goodview; 25 Jefferson to Madison; 62 Jefferson to W-K
• 2 Madison to Goodview; 9 Madison to Jefferson; 22 Madison to W-K
• 56 Rollingstone to Goodview; 2 Rollingstone to Jefferson
• 7 W-K to Goodview; 13 W-K to Jefferson; 8 W-K to Madison

Rollingstone and Madison closed

404 students stay
386 change schools

• 29 Goodview to Jefferson; 16 Goodview to W-K
• 39 Jefferson to Goodview; 70 Jefferson to W-K
• 3 Madison to Goodview; 29 Madison to Jefferson; 79 Madison SLIP to SLIP at Jefferson; 40 Madison to W-K
• 56 Rollingstone to Goodview; 2 Rollingstone to Jefferson
• 10 W-K to Goodview; 13 W-K to Jefferson


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