Lisa Kulzer with kindergarten student Landon Bolduan

Get ready for kindergarten!


Kindergarten students at Washington-Kosciusko Elementary are using an active approach to learn their math skills in the classroom. These experiences include utilizing technology, collaborating with peers, and participating in counting games.

Kindergarten teacher Lisa Kulzer wrote the numbers 11-28 on individual pieces of paper and students were tasked with lining themselves up in order according to their given number. Once in order, the students got to crumple and throw their “snowballs” around the room. Each student then picked up a new snowball and had to arrange themselves once again according to their new number. Activities like this allow students to collaborate with their classmates. During the snowman activity, the students rolled a die and stuffed the snowman with the correct number of cotton balls according to the number they rolled. iPads were also used to enhance math skills by playing a frog number line game. Students dragged and dropped the frogs with the missing numbers in the sequence.

To learn more about Winona Area Public Schools’ kindergarten opportunities and experiences, all incoming kindergarten families are invited to future Winhawk registration night and kindergarten open house. The future Winhawk registration night is on Monday, February 18, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Winona Middle School. During this event, kindergarten families will have the opportunity to register their child, as well as meet elementary principals, secretaries, representatives from district departments and ride on a school bus! The kindergarten open house is on March 28 from 5:30-7 at Goodview, Jefferson and Washington-Kosciusko elementary schools. To learn more visit


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