Ninth-grade students learn backstroke


Winona Senior High School students are utilizing the pool to learn survival-swimming skills during physical education (PE) class. The front crawl, sidestroke, backstroke, and elementary backstroke are a few of the strokes that were taught during the PE swim unit. The swim unit lasts for seven days and exposed students to different strokes they can use. Students were tasked with swimming the length of the pool, alternating between the different strokes. After every 25 meters, they got a break to rest before doing the next stroke across the pool.

The purpose of the swim unit is to get students exposed to water. This is important so students are more comfortable being in or around water in case they are ever in an emergency situation. In Mr. Cassellius’s ninth-grade PE class, no matter the swim level of each student, they are encouraged to swim and participate. If a student feels uncomfortable swimming the full length of the pool they are encouraged to swim until the halfway point before it gets to the deep end. This way those students are able to learn to swim in a safe environment that meets their needs.

It’s important to teach different strokes, as well as how to work with the water. When students take the first step and submerge their heads underwater, it helps them gain confidence. This exercise also teaches useful skills on how to go under water and then recover back to the surface. Exposing and teaching students to swim is an important way the pool benefits all students and provides them with important swimming skills.


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