Cedar Valley ladies league, week 16


Low net
Class A: Kim Skappel, 31 (this week), and Debbie Boyd, 37 (this season)
Class B: Sue Prussing, 29 (this week), and Dar Pozanc, 37 (this season)
Class C: Bev Lindseth, 30 (this week), and Gayle Koenig, 37 (this season)
Class D: Sally Eichenberg, 31 (this week), and Bonnie McBeth, 38 (this season)
Low putts
Cindi Lettner, Kim Skappel, Vicki Thrune: 14

Kim Skappel, number three
Cinci Lettner, numbers four and five
Sue Kimber, number five
Traci Morken, number seven

Kim Skappel, number three

Pin events
Number one, closest chip: Debbie Boyd
Number two, longest putt: Ginny Motl
Number three, longest putt: Jill Hauser
Number four, closest to pin: Barb Kompelien
Number five, closest chip: Sue Kimber and Cindi Lettner
Number six, longest putt: Janet Brugger
Number seven, closest chip: Traci Morken
Number eight, closest to pin: Traci Morken
Number nine, longest putt: Kathy Kovala


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