Change — Always Good for America?


From: David Foss


What if someone said to us, “I don’t want you to speak kind words anymore! I want you to only speak harsh words.” Why? Because the individual becomes perturbed after he or she hears kind words. Should we submit to his or her base demand and say, “OK, I’m sorry?” Giving in to such contrariness would be ridiculous. But this kind of attitudinal change is being aggressively sought after by a very small percentage of pro-immorality Americans.

Should the following words, which were on signs in buses, be offensive to anyone? “Thank you for sharing. God bless you.” I don’t think so. Most would be in favor of such uplifting words! Sadly, one scoundrel actually ended up complaining and having these signs removed. Thousands of people used these buses without complaint or having experienced any emotional distress. I find it absurd that such loving words could cause anyone distress! Never-the-less the signs were removed. Do you believe this was good sense? Pleasing one person while displeasing so many more? How was this good for America?

How many people would get upset if their pregnant wife, daughter, relative, or friend were not in favor of murder? If only one in 100 people were to object, and demand an abortion for themselves, should all others be forced into such an atrocious action? Would this be good for America?

How many would be upset if we read our Bibles during break time at work or free time at school? If one person throws a diabolical conniption, should all others be forced, by coercion, from vocally expressing their thankfulness for all of God’s daily blessings? This would be “good” for America?!?

While America is submerging deeper into the reservoir or moral impurity, according to the annihilators of good, the blame lies on the good, old-fashioned folks of America. Yet, we know that some of progressive and politically correct folks are the ones who continue to strip America of much of its goodness. To the Creator, all this corrupt change must be baffling. 

When are we going to acknowledge this robbery? Are we going to allow a few resistors of decency to further demoralize our country? To desensitize her? To bring even more decadence? By this time, it should be crystal-clear as to what their perverted plan is all about — to rid America of God and His intended way of life. How much longer will we let them spread this vileness? If this carnal-induced dilemma continues, we, the indifferent 99 percent, should be held accountable.

In the end, it should not be offensive for someone to stand up for the rights of the unborn. It should not be offensive for a person to pray in public. It should not be offensive for a person to read aloud the word of the Lord. Only the Almighty God has the right to command of us what we should or should not do.

Why should we raise the white flag of defeat, especially since we outnumber those offended few? Shame on us for not boldly defending that which everyone knows is proper, and not standing as a diehard for God. After all, isn’t it the devil’s plan to sway us from our Lord’s graces, and cast God aside so we’re rejected as Lucifer too once was?

As a result of out passive and apathetic attitude, our generation and each generation hereafter will be living in an ever increasing degenerate America. When will the multitude care enough to enlist as soldiers for the fight against evil, and begin raising the flag of righteousness instead of the flag of defeat? We simply need to ask ourselves, “Is change always good for America?”

Ponder Psalm 7:9.


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