Why do I write?


From: Mary Zimmerman


To answer that question, God gives me a title, then the Holy Spirit gets on board along with Mr. Webster and we’re off and running. I really enjoy working closely with them, sometimes my pen can hardly keep up. As life goes on one learns you have a special need of God’s friendship, his love and his mercy to sustain you. 

I suppose I fell beneath the cross of depression  more than most people have to suffer, but with the grace of God I have always bounced back and you can too. Don’t give up; that would likely mean the works God intended for you may never be accomplished, although when Duane was killed (16-year-old son) I tried to carry on the grace he had to care deeply about others. I especially seem to bond with young people. My heart goes out to them now in a world that is spiritually dying. America can’t be great again until we stop the abortion industry dead in its tracks. In fact, that’s one main reason why I write. I want to be a voice for the unborn who have been silenced too long. 

The world just seems to want to claim to be good without God. No, my friend, death will come to each of us, followed by judgment. I pray you will not hear the words “I don’t know you” but be able to delight to hear “Come on in my faithful servant.” Heaven awaits you, but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. I think very few people pop right into heaven. However, in purgatory you are assured of heaven some day. Not really wanting to, I feel I must negatively, briefly mention hell again. It’s forever, no escape. Sometimes we think on a hot day that it’s the end of the world if for some reason the air conditioner doesn’t work. I assure you, there is no air conditioner in hell. 

I’m not writing this to cause you to get all bummed out, but to turn to the mercy, our merciful God, he doesn’t want even one person he created in his image and likeness to go to hell. 

Again, why do I write? I’m so excited to share the great news of God’s inexhaustible, Divine mercy. I take this opportunity to invite you to attend Mercy Sunday, April 23. Come see, I promise you won’t be sorry. It will be at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart at 2:30 p.m.; movie at 1 p.m. This celebration will help you to see mercy, then trust you have again joined God’s friendship. 

Time passes very quickly, I can’t hardly imagine June 4 we’ll have been married 65 years. A word of wisdom: “It takes three to make a marriage.” “Marriage takes three to be complete / it’s not enough for two to meet / they must be united in love / by love’s Creator, God above. A marriage that follows God’s plan / takes more than a woman and a man. It needs a oneness that can be / only from Christ — Marriage takes three.”

In closing, allow me to share with you another reason I write, because I believe in God’s will for me. Let this be our daily prayer: “Lord Jesus, you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Give me holy boldness so that I may draw souls to walk the path of righteousness that leads to You. Amen.”


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