America’s homicidal machine


From: David Foss


Wrongly, America’s homicidal machine — people — takes the lives of well over a million citizens each year. Just because a politically abnormal America allows barbaric, uncivilized homicide, this abnormalness will never make such horrific barbarity a right. Everyone knows that homicide is wrong, particularly the homicide of defenseless unborn babies.

The goal of every American should not be the reduction of homicide, but the end of all homicide. Of course the rabid few will blow their fuses. These are the unfeeling, hard-core supporters of death for the unborn.

What changed the heart of America from cherishing and valuing life? Was it something good? No. Now many of the unborn are not cherished; their lives are not of any value.

Here are some of the allowable, but deadly excuses for terminating a life: 1. Can’t afford another child. 2. Am too young. 3. Inconvenient at this time. 4. Has a birth defect. 5. The law of the land allows it. 6. Insensitivity. 7. It’s not a baby until it (?) is outside the mother’s womb. 8. My boyfriend or husband doesn’t want the baby, etc. To some, babies are just cherishless, valueless throwaways.

Of course, if anyone were to purposely liquidate some dogs and cats, there would surely be an immediate, national uproar and there would be a severe consequence paid — possibly an archaic lynching? Yet defenseless, innocent babies can be liquidated and hardly a whisper is heard in the land. Unnaturalness is the political norm of the land and no one dare challenge the politically natural — er — politically unnatural.

Can’t something be done to save God’s most precious gift to mankind — life? Can’t our God do the impossible? Matthew 19:26B, James 5:16B, I John 14:13-14.

We need to send our petitions to God and ask that He would touch and convict the hearts of every woman who refuses to accept her gift from God. We need to petition God to touch and convict the hearts of the uncaring, unmerciful terminators of life and all the supporters of homicide. We need to petition God and ask that He would have these people realize that their evil way will be robbing them of eternal life in heaven.

If all Biblical Christians would do as God’s Word says in II Chronicals 7:14 and would unite in fervent prayer and make a universal petition to God, then surely God would impart to these people an awareness of the evil that they have chosen in wanting to stop the beating hearts of His precious children.

Defenseless, unborn babies need to be protected from all inhumanness. Every unborn baby has the right to life. Every baby deserves to be held in the arms of someone who loves him or her — either the baby’s parent(s) or adoptive parent(s). Every baby deserves the right to experience life. If a mother doesn’t want her baby, there is a multitude of men and women who would cherish such a miraculous gift from God and who would be willing to rear “any” unwanted baby.

No doctor has been given the power to create life, nor has any doctor been given the authority to take one’s life; therefore, it is cold blooded, premeditated homicide for anyone to plan to take one’s life. Only God has the right to choose when our last breath is to be taken.

Surely there are many more people who are willing to save life than those who are willing to end life. We need to pray that God will give our governmental officials and the American people the will — righteous government officials and the American people the will — righteous determination — to defend innocent, defenseless life and put an end to barbarism in America. Unborn babies can’t defend themselves, but surely they would like to believe that someone in America would be willing to make an effort to save them. How about you?

Undoubtedly, America’s homicidal machine is robbing America of God’s blessings. May America’s homicidal machine soon be totally dismantled and stay as Humpty Dumpty — unrepairable. 


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