Happy Easter


Happy Easter


From: Mary Zimmerman

He is risen, Jesus is risen from the dead! I can almost feel the excitement of Mary Magdalen going to the tomb of Jesus, finding the stone in front of His tomb rolled away; but let’s go back to Good Friday.

(Music) “Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they nailed him to a tree?”

Yes, we were all there, we even helped pound the nails (our sins), and the words Jesus spoke were for us as well. Father, forgive them, they didn’t realize what they were doing.

Back to Easter Sunday we find ourselves singing, “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.” Here my mind goes back in time to my parents singing, “Faith of our Father’s holy faith we will be true to thee till death.”

That verse holds so much truth. Back then you didn’t hear about abortions, same sex marriage, etc. For the most part people went to church. This all gives me concern. How long will we have to turn our hearts and minds to God?

Gods sends his Mother all over the world with pretty much the same message, prayer and penance. Jesus realized with such urgency that He Himself went to give that message to the world.

What I’m going to discuss at this point is a bit negative, but with the hope of bring about a positive outcome. From July 2, 1982, through July 2, 1983, Jesus appeared to a Rwandan shepard boy named Segatashya. He had many conversations with this 14 year old illiterate pagan, and meant for him to deliver His messages to the world. Segatashya’s family were so moved by these conversations that they converted to Christianity. The messages were about repentance, redemption, and salvation. 

Remember Immaculee? I wrote about her some time ago. She is the author of a book called, “The Boy Who Met Jesus.” There is an entire chapter on the end of the world as told by Jesus. I think at this time I should give you a little prelude about the book. “The Boy Who Met Jesus” is the greatest story never told. The story of Segatashya. He never attended school, never saw a Bible or even set foot in a church. When Christ asked him to undertake a mission to remind mankind how to reach Heaven, Segatashya accepted, on condition that Jesus answer all his questions about faith, religion, and the meaning of life. Jesus agreed to do so, and the young man set off on one of the most miraculous journeys in modern history.

If anyone is interested in this book please contact me at 507-452-2570. We must stop the all-out effort of Satan in making friends to keep him company in Hell. It boils down to prayer, penance, and getting right with God. I suggest if you don’t pray to start now and if you already do, to pray more. My husband Jim and I increased our praying together to twice a day during Lent, and intend to continue. 

The recent news concerning North Korea and Russia is pretty scary, which is why I believe now is the time to decide. Are we simply people of the world, or people of faith with a higher calling. I hope you decide to place your faith in Jesus. He put His in us when he suffered and died upon a cross. Just remember, no God, no peace/know God, know peace. 

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter.       


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