Stand up for America


From: David Foss

No one will deny that there are some boisterous, cantankerous, peevish residents of America who are anti-America because there are so many things lacking in America. These individuals are being forced to live in a woefully impoverished America. Men, women, children and babies are starving to death. People are being imprisoned, tortured and killed because they have been speaking out against the government. Biblical Christians are being imprisoned, tortured and killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ. Forced labor is widespread. Illiteracy is widespread. There is little or no food on the shelves in grocery stores. Educational institutions are few in number, etc. These statements are true? Hogwash! Americans have much more to be thankful for than any other nation.

Yes, we in America are truly blessed with far more freedoms than any other country. If everyone were expecting perfection, then we could understand why all of us would be dissatisfied with everyone else and with everything else. But enough of peoples’ whining! May every American be thankful for his or her blessings and may everyone cherish daily the many freedoms we enjoy in America. Amen? Amen!

Some of our freedoms are: We have the freedom to express our beliefs, right or wrong. We have the freedom to quit our jobs, not forced to work anywhere. We have the freedom to travel almost anywhere and whenever we choose. We have the freedom to worship without the fear of being imprisoned, tortured or murdered. We have the freedom of choosing our vocation. We have the freedom to live anywhere in America. We have the freedom to vote for the government official of our choosing, etc. We could come up with quite an extensive list of the freedoms that we, as Americans, are fortunately privileged to experience day in and day out.

Of course, America is not a utopia, but we live in utopian conditions compared to many others of the world. If people from other countries came to America and heard all of our complaining they would probably shake their heads and be in a state of wonderment, wondering why we would be complaining. They could understand our grumbling if we did not have nearly enough, but most in America are blessed with having much more than what they actually need. Many in the world do not even have enough food to eat at mealtime, yet many Americans eat too much at mealtime and still have some leftovers.

The next time we are heard sniffling because we lack this thingamajig or that whatchamacallit, think of those who are suffering every day for lack of an adequate meal. Think about all the “absolutely necessary” (?) doohickeys that we collect and enjoy, such as RUVs, pickups, vans, sports cars, boats, snowmobiles, tools of all kinds, TVs in every room, motorcycles, etc. Oh yes, how about all the “hard-to-get” doodads that we also must have for survival: equipment for golf, bowling, hunting, skiing, tennis — whatever. Don’t people in other countries have and enjoy such “necessary” (?) luxuries.

Yes, there are poor people in America, but they have access to several organizations that will help in supplying their immediate need(s). Their needs may also be met by the good graces of those who are always willing to help. No one will have to starve to death in America or be without the necessities of life: food, clothing, and shelter. Thank God we live in a nation that really cares.

Pangs of shame to anyone who would flounder in self pity and would not greatly appreciate the many blessings we experience and witness in America. Pangs of shame to those who are not grateful for the special privileges and freedoms guaranteed to every American, by the steadfast effort (beginnings) of our Founding Fathers. America is truly a nation blessed of the Lord.

America is not perfect. America has made mistakes and continues to make mistakes, yet America is a far better place in which to live than any other country. Amen? Amen! Those who are unhappy with America could try living in another country. It probably wouldn’t take too long before these spoiled to the hilt faultfinders would return to America, the most blessed nation on earth.

How much longer will God bless a complaining and corrupt nation? Let’s stop whining and stand up for America!

Ponder Matthew 6:19-21.


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