65 years of marriage


From: Mary Zimmerman


My husband and I were wed 65 years ago on June 4, 1952. This was the day the Lord made, rejoice and be glad! Well, as happy as that day was, it’s wishful thinking that such joy could continue, day after day, year after year. I won’t burden you with all the details — the 16 times we moved, or all the children we lost — I just want to say no life is a bed of roses, but some dreams do come true. Prayers are answered; there are friends who are true. Seeds are worth sowing (especially spiritual) — they cause some roses to bloom, if we notice. 

I know there are others who also have had much sorrow in their lifetime so I’ll just dwell on where we’re at now. Jim is very grateful to have gotten through his heart surgery. He isn’t active yet, but has high hopes he can be again. 

I vow not to get mixed up with depression again, for my sake and the sake of my family. I continue to enjoy writing articles, hoping to leave this a better world. I make an apple pie now and then, and also try to spread the good news of God’s unfathomably divine mercy. Prayer helps greatly, just getting to spend time with the God whom I love dearly. I pray for our children, grandchildren, and the whole world.


Steadfast Heart

author unknown


I’ve dreamt many dreams 

that never came true

I’ve seen them vanish at dawn,

But I’ve realized enough of my dreams,

Thank God,

To make me want to dream on.


I’ve prayed many prayers

when no answer came,

Though I waited patiently and long,

But answers have come

to enough of my prayers

To make me keep praying on.


I’ve trusted many a friend that failed,

And left me to weep alone,

But I’ve found enough

of my friends true blue,

To make me keep trusting on.


I’ve sown many seeds

that fell by the way

For the birds to feed upon,

But I’ve held enough golden sheaves

in my hand

To make me keep sowing on.


I’ve drained the cup

of disappointment and pain

And gone many ways without song,

But I’ve sipped enough nectar

From the roses of life

To make me want to live on.


Parents and grandparents, please joint me in prayer. The world is turning its back on God, and it’s up to us to change that. What a shame for some people not to want to claim their inheritance of Heaven that Jesus died shamefully upon a cross for us, whom He so loves, to have. Can’t we all return that love? Excuse yourselves from any situation that may be presently hindering your relationships with God.

I want to mention it takes three to make a marriage work. A man, a woman, and God. I recently ran across the following poem, and I’d like to share it with you, my readers.


God’s Promise

You didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain. But God did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and a light for the way. 

And for all those who believe

in his kingdom above

He answers their faith

with everlasting love.


In ending I simply say, let the sunshine of God’s love shine through and stormy clouds that may yet come into our lives. If you’re a parent, teach your children not just the ways of the world, but also the way back to their heavenly home.


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