Accomplices to a holocaust?


From: David Foss


What kind of a nation have we become when puppies and kittens are cherished more than babies?

Here is a graphic example: There are 10 people standing near a busy roadway. Suddenly, they see a puppy in the middle of the road and oncoming traffic is quickly approaching the puppy. All of these individuals rush onto the road and save the puppy from imminent death. Then they see a kitten in the middle of the road, and all of them rush onto the road to save the kitten. Now they see a baby in the middle of the road, and only one person rushes frantically onto the highway to save the baby. When this person and the baby are safely off the road, the other nine individuals become enraged. Why? Someone had just saved a defenseless baby! This response to saving a life, might seem highly improbable and heartless, when life was in the balance, but such an unconcerned, heartless response is not at all uncommon in today’s America. Need proof? Come to the defense of the defenseless … the unborn.

No one will throw a fit if someone saves a puppy or a kitten. He or she will be honored with all kinds of pats on the back — even national coverage on television. Many grateful and praiseworthy words will be lavished upon the person; however, when someone tries to save a baby’s life, this person is apt to be scorned, mocked, and even carted off to prison. It is such barbarism (the taking of innocent life) pleasing to God? Does a snout beetle have post-nasal drip?

People save puppies and kittens because they are cute cuddly, and wanted. Well, shouldn’t babies be wanted so much more than any animal? Shouldn’t a baby’s life be considered much more precious than an animal’s life?

We never hear of God-awful things being said or done to those who save animals, but be prepared to pay the price for doing what is right — saving unwanted babies. Why does this abominable albatross exist in America today? Could it be that American people have become so desensitized to wrongfulness?

If a husband punches his pregnant wife in the stomach and the baby dies, the husband will be convicted of manslaughter; however, if the husband’s wife has an abortion, she will not be indicted for homicide. Why? Where did this illogical rationalization come from? From heaven, or the pits of hell?

What do we call the premeditated extermination of a baby today? Maybe we call this infanticide a mercy killing because:

The baby has a birth defect 

Unplanned pregnancy

Financial difficulties

Nobody else would want the child (ridiculous!)


Yes, there will always be an excuse for anything. These satanic rationalizations can relieve our conscience of the responsibility of parenthood and extermination of a human life.

Every baby and every pregnancy should bring jubilation into our hearts, not death-dealing inclinations. If any person were in danger, and we didn’t help in some way, we would be scorned by others. But where are those become enraged when the defenseless are ignored when children are losing their lives? Have we become so desensitized that even the extermination of the most innocent doesn’t penetrate to our conscience? Are we akin to an assassin when we don’t even raise our voice in protest of such barbarity? Would God be pleased by our inaction? Would He consider us accomplices in this holocaust?

Ponder Isaiah 44:2a, 24; Jeremiah 1:5; and Revelations 21:8. 


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