World’s largest toy battle September 16 in La Crescent


Project My Neighborhood will host the world’s largest toy battle, a bullying prevention event, following the Applefest Parade on Sunday, September 16, from 2-4 p.m. at the La Crescent High School Fields, located at 1301 Lancer Boulevard, La Crescent. The current record for world’s largest toy battle is held in Dallas, Texas, and Project My Neighborhood is looking to bring that record to the region.

This event costs $10 to register; tickets may be purchased online or at the event, but it is recommended to purchase ahead as the event could sell out. Proceeds go to Project My Neighborhood’s #blastingtobattlebullying campaign, which raises awareness and funds for bullying prevention.

The event will include Blaster Battles, games to encourage Project My Neighborhood’s values: outreach, inclusion, team building, health, and wellness. Participants can expect fun, active play with Nerf blasters in family-friendly, safe, and enclosed battlefields that cumulatively consist of over 60 paintball bunkers on multiple soccer fields. Participants are grouped into teams to play games, such as capture the flag and capture the patriot, with Nerf blasters.
Tickets can be purchased by going to

Volunteers and volunteer groups are needed. If interested, sign up online with Hands On Twin Cities at

Participants are encouraged to be five years of age or older, but it is left to the parent’s discretion. A waiver is needed and eye protection is required for all participants. Participants are asked to bring their own eye protection: personal sunglasses or regular glasses are welcome forms of eye protection; goggles and masks are accepted as well, although masks must cover the eyes without an opening. Modified blasters are not allowed at this battle. Leave darts/ammo at home. Project My Neighborhood will provide Rival balls, Mega darts, and Nerf Elite darts for this event.

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About Project My Neighborhood
Project My Neighborhood (PMN) is a local nonprofit that raises funds and awareness for bullying prevention. Its mission is to create a do-good atmosphere that can be entertaining and educational. PMN’s core values include outreach, inclusion, team building, health, and wellness. PMN hosts Blaster Battles events and supplies rental equipment for private events throughout the Midwest. Created in 2016, PMN has done events on the East Coast, West Coast and throughout the Midwest. It collaborates with corporations and organizations, such as Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center and Blaine National Sports Center, to expand bullying prevention initiatives.

PMN uses toy Nerf blasters with foam darts along with paintball bunkers (inflatables) in a designated family-friendly environment for a series of games such as tag, capture the flag, and Blaster Battles to promote outreach, inclusion, team building, health, and wellness. During these events, five topics of bullying are typically discussed, which are related to the games that are played as well as life beyond the games: 1) protect yourself, 2) you are not alone, 3) overcoming adversity, 4) choices we make, and 5) the slippery slope of teasing versus bullying.

Proceeds from these events allow PMN to host more Blaster Battles and support bullying prevention programs.

As a role model to the participants, co-founder Matt Nelson also speaks to kids about his experience with bullying, overcoming obstacles, and values gained from experience in organized athletics from elementary school to college. Nelson also works with the youth through mediation, family group conferencing, and other type of restorative justices for alternative methods for dispute resolution.

Another of its inspirations is based on the Minnesota Statute: 121A.031 School Student Bullying Policy, subdivisions 3, 4 and 5, which discuss local bullying policy and safety programming in schools. PMN hopes to make a big impact in elementary, middle and high schools.


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