Riverway Learning Community to host RLC Winter Games and Heatbox concert


On Friday, February 9, Riverway Learning Community, a pre-K through grade 12 tuition-free Minnesota Charter Public School located at 1733 Service Drive in Winona, will host its own winter games and private concert by internationally known performance artist, Heatbox.

With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, the Riverway staff and students decided to celebrate with games of their own. To that end, students in the secondary school adapted existing Olympic events like curling, hockey, skating, and speed events to make them easily accessible to the student/family population. Even so, not everyone embraces winter, so as a way to include everyone and provide additional challenges, indoor mind games and art projects will be available inside the lodge.

Immediately following the conclusion of the RLC Winter Games, students and staff will return to the school for a genuine closing ceremony headlined by Minneapolis-based beatbox extraordinaire, Heatbox. He will be accompanied by American Idol contestant, Reed Grimm, as well as touring saxophone master, Maxaphone. As with many of the private concerts held at Riverway, this concert is co-sponsored by the Mid West Musical Festival’s Sounds Like School program, designed to bring live performances to area schools and students that may not otherwise have such an opportunity.

Riverway Learning Community, the only pre-K through grade 12 public school in the area, was established in 2000 and offers a community-like environment while providing uniquely individualized education to over 100 students. With Montessori classrooms for students ages three through grade six, a hybrid project-based education for seventh-12th graders, and an inclusive special education program, students learn in multi-aged settings through an integrated curriculum. Environmental education is a central focus and meshes perfectly with the expectation of their charter authorizer, the Audubon Center of the North Woods.

Questions about Riverway’s February 9 Winter Games and Heatbox concert may be directed to 507-474-6120 or emailed to riverway@riverwaylearningcommunity.org.


Riverway is committed to the foundation of a more hopeful and enlightened future by the development of an environment that nurtures the growth of mind, body, and spirit, both as individuals and as members of the larger community. Riverway promotes respect for the simultaneous independence and interdependence of all things.


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