Viking View: Back from the Dead


by Mike Marek


The Minnesota Vikings had died, but someone forgot to tell the doctor to stop trying to resuscitate the patient. Coming out of half time after giving up two consecutive defensive touchdowns in under 10 seconds, I am sure that many Vikings fans turned off the game to do anything other than watch this team continue to toil and struggle. I for one decided to go to the pool.

I am currently in Florida enjoying the 80-degree temperatures that come with the climate. After the epic start to the second half, I decided a change in venue was needed. I have found over the years that it can be a really nice escape when the Vikings are struggling to find the welcoming waters of either the ocean or the pool to soothe away the pain a bit. On this Sunday, I found my way to the pool, but I couldn’t quite take my eyes off the game. I ended up on the deck while my family members enjoyed the calming waters. I watched as Justin Jefferson “griddied” his way into the endzone for his second touchdown of the game. I was also there to watch Chad Beebe muff a punt. At that point I had decided I had had enough pool time. Maybe a walk was what the doctor ordered.

Away I went with my daughter Lily in tow in her stroller for the mile or so walk back to our house. I once again couldn’t quite tune out the game. I reluctantly tuned into the KFAN broadcast with Paul Allen behind the mic. As I tuned in, he was spouting words of disaster and was as I suspected, getting ready to say his eulogy for the Vikings, but then a miracle happened. That miracle’s name? Matt Rhule.

Matt Rhule, inexplicably decided to try to throw on his last possession instead of taking time off the clock and giving the Vikings little to no chance to catch the Panthers. They ended up handing the Vikings the ball back with more than enough time to do damage, and that’s exactly what Kirk Cousins was able to do.

The Panthers dropped back in a prevent defense with only three men rushing the quarterback. Kirk was able to carve this soft defense up like a Thanksgiving turkey. He quickly managed to drive the Vikings down the field for the go-ahead score featuring a redemption touchdown for the aforementioned Chad Beebe. At this point I was about three quarters of the way home, but knew that the game was far from over. Unfortunately, this turned out to be an accurate prediction.

Knowing more action was on the way, I decided to take an extra lap around the block while the game resolved itself. I found myself sweating profusely in the Florida heat as Teddy Bridgewater moved the ball down the field and pushed the Panthers into field goal range. I waited patiently for the final call of the kick from Paul Allen. The kick apparently never had a chance. I started clapping, which led to some very confused women in their garage to saying, “Thank you.” What they thought I was cheering them on for will never be known. I wiped the sweat from my brow and headed home with a big smile on my face and enjoyed the rest of the day. The Vikings were back from the dead, and all was right with the world for a day.


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