Unexpected arrival


by Frances Edstrom

Don't you love the feeling that you get when you've remembered everything. You bought all the ingredients for the new recipe; the gifts are all wrapped; the dining room tablecloth is clean and pressed.

Oops! No gloating self-satisfaction, please. Here comes the unexpected. In this instance, the stomach flu visited the Edstrom household.

As we were felled by the bug like pins falling to the bowling ball, it became clear to me that this was going to be a seat-of-my-pants Christmas celebration after all.

But what if we weren't all at the table at the same time, and we were preparing cups of chipped ice and broth right next to the crown roast and mashed potatoes, by the end of the holiday, everyone was well enough to enjoy a little bit of Christmas with the family, open a few presents and then bundle into the car and go home.

And there is always a silver lining somewhere in that cloud. The dogs were in perfect health. Good thing, because we had three dogs for the holidays, a houseful no matter what.

But best of all, we had a baby in the house, who fell in love with"gift bags. If we'd only known.


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