Vote Tuesday


by Frances Edstrom

Vote, and be sure it is a well-informed vote. In a contentious vote such as the upcoming referendum, it is not easy to keep one's focus on what exactly it is we are voting for or against.

At the Winona Post, we strive to explain what are very often quite complicated affairs, such as school district finances. We are confident that the information we bring you is accurate.

The same cannot always be said for information that you might hear at the coffee shop or read in letters to the editor. Letters are the opinions of the writers alone. It is not up to us to print only the letters that we think accurately portray a situation, which is why you will often read letters that contradict each other.

This referendum vote will have an immediate and far-reaching effect on the community, and on us as individuals, not only those with children in public schools. Public education and its accompanying tax bill are, like it or not, the responsibility of all of us.

We urge you to read with an open mind, distill the information into core arguments, and then make a decision. Your vote is your chance to exercise your citizenship to effect change in our society.


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