All is not lost - yet


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If the Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution rose miraculously from the grave, would they find America just as they had left it? Shockingly, no! The horde of Americans who have embraced abomination would have them thinking that they had arisen on some other planet. They would probably go into shock because of all the decadence that now permeates America. Our Founding Fathers would tearfully find this present world unrecognizable. They would see little remnant or resemblance of the moral nation they had once known. Their hearts would be deeply saddened and deeply troubled by the permeation of pervertedness that is prevalent around the world. Undoubtedly, they would be completely bewildered and appalled at the perverseness of so many Americans, including many of America's governmental officials.

Why aren't Americans up in arms about all the filth that is surrounding them? Because Americans have been slowly poisoned and slowly desensitized - methodically - by just a slight amount of abomination over several decades. America has arrived to such a state that even a large dose of perversion bothers most Americans very little.

Our Founding Fathers would witness tolerance for everything but that which is good. They would readily read abominable words of hatred and would hear endless, abominable words of hatred towards God, good people and good organizations. They would become aware of the sad fact that good has become evil and evil has become good. They would probably become sickened to the point of vomiting because of such conspicuous degeneracy.

What has changed the heart of America? Goodness or evil? What is the antidote to such horrid corruption? Is it toleration? A quadrillion times no! Sordid ideology's poison should be rejected by all Americans. Of what benefit is perversion to anyone? a nation? the world?

The desensitized libertines (immoralists) might blurt out angrily, "Oh, you doomsday zealots! All you do is whine!" Wrong. If good folks don't sound the alarm of warning that impending destruction of all good will soon be upon us, who will do it? Our Founding Fathers would be asking themselves, "What has happened to America?! There are few who love God, righteousness and country. This can't be America!" More and more Americans gleefully flaunt and express their defiance and intolerance for God, good people and good organizations.

The fervent prayer of good folks (Biblical Christians) could heal America; therefore all is not lost - yet. Matthew 19:26

Ponder II Chronicles 7:14


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