Thank you, Santa Claus?


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Thank you, Santa, for all of your awesome creation - the world and everything in it! Thank you for creating life, animals, birds, fish, the fruit of the land, flowers, trees, the oceans, the galaxy, the solar system, etc. Wow! What a Santa Claus!

Santa, you have made marvelous things without number. Your wondrous creation is ever before us. We thank you so much for creating the world for each of us to enjoy. We are awestruck by it. Thank you that no one individual has true ownership of any part of the world which you have created. It is all ours! How magnificent! It is absolutely unfathomable what you have given to each of your created beings. Your generosity and love to us is beyond measure.

Thank you, Santa, for your daily blessings to us. Thank you, Santa, for always meeting our every need. Thank you, Santa, for all our future blessings of eternal life, our new bodies that will never age or wear out and our new home that you have prepared for us in the great beyond. You are a Santa of miracles. You love us so much that you would probably even die for us. What infinite love!

We have been hearing that your competitor used to be a good person, but that more and more people are accusing Him of being mean, old-fashioned, hateful and unloving; so, Santa, it is a good thing that you have taken the place of such an unlovable person. We do need someone who will truly love us and who will truly meet all of our daily needs. How do you do it? There are so many of us!

Santa, we are vaguely hearing of someone who is trying to compete with you. We think we know His name, but we must not mention His name because we might offend someone. Some have said that He is the real reason for the Christmas - oops! I mean, Xmas - season, but how can this be true Santa? If this were true, wouldn't we be singing songs about Him?

Santa, maybe you could do something special for your competitor this holiday season and show your great and wonderful love to Him also.

Thank you, Santa Claus, for your many many blessings to us!

Ponder Psalm 53:1 and Exodus 20:3

P.S. Psalm 9:17


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