Let’s look at PSEO


by Frances Edstrom

As the Dist. 861 school board addresses the rigors or lack of such in the high school curriculum, I'd like to add another item to their list of things to examine.

PSEO, or Post Secondary Enrollment Options, allows Minnesota 11th and 12th graders to enroll in classes at private and public universities in the state.

This option probably has much to recommend it, such as allowing colleges to boost their enrollment, and high school students to get a jump start on college with tuition paid by the state. I can see that in a district that cannot afford to offer higher level courses in high school for the relatively few students who might want them, PSEO might be a boon to the students in that district.

But what PSEO has allowed to happen is that many districts that are quite close to a college or university cannot afford to offer higher level classes to brighter students because the students are already enrolled in college classes, where their funding has followed them, leaving the high school without either.

The effect is that the high school programs are weakened, rigor lost along with the brightest students who may have much to offer the school in terms of social, academic and leadership skills. Let's examine the effect on Dist. 861's high school.


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