The evidence? In my own words


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How could I prove if something that I had written was wrong and untruthful? All I would have to do is give people a copy of my letter and have them read it and ask this question: Have I written something that is true and right or have I written a letter that is false and wrong?

God has given me a conscience, so, I would know in my heart if I had written truth, falseness, or right or wrong.

Here is some evidence. Proof No. 1) Read the Bible. The Bible, along with my conscience, will unquestionably prove to me if my letter was actually truthful, if it was untruthful, if it was wrong or right. Proof No. 2) Hand out a copy of my letter to people and ask them if my letter is truthful. Take a poll. Let the peoples' decision prove to me if my letter was wrong and untruthful. Proof No. 3) Just ask myself the question: Have I written a truthful letter? Was my heart filled with love or hate when I wrote this letter? I know in my heart if I have written a letter that was fuming with hatred toward God and Biblical Christians.

If I have written a God-bashing, Biblical-bashing letter, nearly everyone would say that such a letter was not truthful or right. Anyone who would say that such a God-awful letter was truthful and right, would obviously be lying.

God knows if my letter is wrong and full of lies. I, the writer, know if my letter is wrong and full of lies. Those who read my letter know if it is wrong and full of lies. The evidence lies within the writer's heart and in my own words.

Ponder Leviticus 18:22; 20:13 Judges 19:22-24 Romans 1:26-32 I Corinthians 6:9 I Timothy 1:9-11 John 15:17 Matthew 12:36-37


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