Teaching self-hate


From: John Rupkey


I see the bishop of the Superior diocese apologized for not properly supervising Reverend Ryan Erickson. He promised that in the future things would be different.

But poor supervision wasn't the only cause for the tragedy in Wisconsin. We reap what we sow.

When will the bishop of Winona and the president and faculty of St. Mary's University apologize for the self-hate programmed into Ryan Erickson while he was a student here in Winona - the self-hate that contributed substantially to alleged sexual abuse, two murders, and a suicide?

How much longer will these teachers deny the results of their teaching, and try to justify their abuse by claiming it is their Christian duty?

Who will take responsibility for the harvest of fear and hate?

How much longer are Catholic parents supposed to tolerate priests, brothers, and nuns teaching the morally offensive theology of self-hate to their beautiful gay children?

When will Catholics stop forcing gay kids to hide in fear and self-rejection, and start creating the climate that will encourage them to be open, honest, and loving?

Who will sow the seeds of justice in Winona?


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