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To JasonPhillips:


From: Bob Redig

24450 Gilmore Valley Road

Winona, MN 55987

Just a thought---maybe it would be more profitable and better for Pleasant Valley if you would opt for less density with small scattered estates using community wells and individual septics. With less impermeable surface the trout stream could possibly be saved (unlike Gilmore Valley). The lots will be relatively expensive either way so why not convert the assessment cost to more land. Also if the area was transferred back to Wilson township the taxes would be substantially reduced which would be a good sales point. If Wilson's expenses and time thus far were reimbursed, the board member I consulted indicated he would be open to discussing accepting the area back into the Twsp. The sale of a "few" "estates" would pay your land cost, the sale of a couple more reimburse Wilson, and the rest would be profit. The Valley wins, the trout stream wins, homeowners get a nice chunk of land for their money along with lower taxes, well water cycles back into the ground, the environmental issues recede, the project may actually happen, and it could even turn out profitable for you. Just a thought............