We’re getting there


by Frances Edstrom

Who would have thought that it would take all the way into February for us to start dreaming of heading out of town for warmer climes?

I'll try to be nice, and say I'm happy for all those people like my husband, who declares, as we crunch through the snow, heads down, blood receding from our fingers and toes, "Isn't this great? This weather is really invigorating!"

It's times like those I wonder how we've stayed together all these years.

Nature is not fair. Here I am, red hair, blue eyes, white skin, and I adore the sun. After all the painful sunburns, childhood embarrassment of having to wear a T-shirt over my swimsuit at the beach and a hat the rest of the summer, the trips to the dermatologist to have little spots of sun-damaged skin frozen off, I still love a sunny summer day.

John, who tans beautifully, so doesn't care about such things that he goes around all summer with a "golf tan," kind of like an old two-tone Chevy. When we golf together, he knows that over the years I have tailored my game to allow me to play from shade tree to shade tree. No wonder I never turned pro.

He likes a winter day in the ‘teens, when the snow squeaks under your feet, and the snow is so dry you can't make a snowball. I could leap for joy when the snowmelt drips from the eaves and puddles appear on the sidewalks.

He tells me "all you have to do is dress for the weather, and you'll feel great." Believe me, I have tried every fiber, natural or man-made, that promises to keep my toes warm. This included a pair of battery-operated socks. The nine-volt battery straps around your calf, and little wires stretch down the bottom of your foot. All I got was a sweaty instep. My toes still froze.

So, as you might imagine, I rather enjoyed January this year. Even if we have "normal" winter weather from now through, say, May 1, I figure I will have escaped with an extra thirty-one days of okey-dokey, manageable weather, sort of like going to purgatory instead of hell. And that brings me closer to my "heaven" "” spring, summer, fall "” gentle breezes, warm wiggly toes, sunshine.

Bring on the sunscreen. I'm ready!


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