All about hatred


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Are we born with hate genes in our bodies? Do ducks have high arches? Why has hatred become so firmly fixed in the hearts of so many people? So many people hate individuals they have never even met and hate those they have not spoken even one word to. Why is this happening? Mostly because people blame God for the bad things that happen to them.

Does God force people to do evil? Of course not! We can freely choose to do good or evil, so we should never blame God for the evil that comes our way. People are at fault.

Some thing or some person has planted the seed of hatred in many hearts. We could list an encyclopedia of things that initiate and feed the seed of hatred. In the end, it is very puzzling and frustrating as to why there is so much more hatred of goodness than of sin.

We hear news commentators who seem to be constantly bewildered as to why there is so much clamorous criticism about President Bush and others. All this criticism is the result of hatred. These onslaughts of uncontrollable fits of condemnation escalate off the scale if the person is a Christian. Many people will tolerate all kinds of objectionable and offensive things, but will exhibit a fit of rage about God and goodness. Hate-filled individuals nearly burst blood vessels if they find out an individual is pro-righteousness.

Samuel Alito's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court is a prime example of hatred running amok. It was exasperating and nauseating to listen to such an uncivilized constant barrage of hatefulness. These people acted like rabid wolverines in their disdainful, shameful dialogue with Samuel Alito.

Would hate-filled individuals continue on with their invective attacks if they knew where they were going to have to spend eternity? Probably. Hatred usually overthrows all semblance of decency. If they could view such a horrid place they would be trembling with fear because of their hatefulness of their Creator, their Savior, good people, good organizations, etc. Sorrowfully, these hate-filled individuals seem to be totally oblivious as to their certain eternal destination.

We can use God's instruction to rid the world of the devastating effects of hatred. It is so comforting to know that our Savior has a solution to any problem - small or great. We are not to repay hatred with hatred. God wants us to love our enemies. God wants us to bless our enemies. God wants us to do good to our enemies. God wants us to pray for our enemies. Matthew 5:44

God says we are not to be surprised when difficult times come upon us. II Timothy 3:12 In the latter times, hatred of God, Christians and goodness will abound. Criticism of God, Christians and goodness is all about hatred.

Ponder John 16:33


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