Feeblebunny’s Frustrated Will


From: Jamie Smith

Gaston J. Feeblebunny always checked the weather report. He saw that a snow storm was coming the next day. He made sure all was in order with his snow blower for tomorrow's action and loaned his shovel to his brother-in-law, John Senior, Jr.

It was Gaston's "free will" that he go bird watching tomorrow, but the forecasted storm did not allow his "free will" decision to play out. He hadn't the power to change the weather. Instead he was forced to make the choice to tune up his snow blower and help John by loaning him his shovel.

The next day Gaston was just beginning his recent "free will" decision to blow snow, when unexpectedly his blower broke. Not able to fix it, he could not exercise his "free will" to clear his property. He was a prisoner of his circumstance.

We all are Feeblebuunys when it comes to making a "decision for Christ". We might think that we are making a free will decision, but by definition that would be excluding God from the process. He doesn't want that. God will, for a grand purpose, send most people a snow storm of misunderstanding with no tools to handle it. That is why, in this life, most humans won't believe. For a few He sends good weather or tools to handle bad weather. Those believe. There is no reason for elitism or self merit if one is in the believing group. That being agreed upon, there is also no basis for blaming others for their unbelief.

No decisions of any kind are made freely. We choose based on our passions, considering expected events including limited information about those events. That is not free choice. We also make forced choices as a result of the intrusion of unexpected events. Ask a family dealing with an out of the blue cancer diagnosis regarding their "free will" decisions. Ask a family about their schizophrenic child concerning that child's "free will" decisions.

Neither belief nor unbelief is a free will decision. It is a decision by God to equip humans to believe when the time is right and for them to live in unbelief until that time - even if that time is not until resurrection and comes at the end of the ages.

This is the only solution to human choice consistent with scripture. No free will, just voluntary choices made by humans reacting to purposed forces from without and from within. Just what is the meaning of Philippians 2:13 "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."? Most can understand it but few believe it.

The choice I have been bulldozed into making is to recognize and accept the source of forces - both good and evil - as being from the benevolent Deity. At this time He has chosen to give a measure of revelation to some humans only. We can take heart in the fact that God is not indifferent about anything. There is no thing and no person in which He does not have a keen interest. He takes counsel from Himself only (Eph. 1:11 ... who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will). We have shown previously where it is His will to save all mankind (1Tim. 2:4) and so "...we trust in the living God, who is the savior of all mankind..." (1Tim. 4:10).


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