Without excuse


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Can anyone prove that there is no God? Do ducks have high arches? It is an impossibility. The proof of God's creation is ever before us. Take a look in a mirror.

No one will be able to prove that mankind and everything else came into existence as a result of evolution. Some have convinced themselves to accept or assume ridiculousness, but imaginative hogwash will never prove the possibility of evolution.

We may read a myriad of nonsensical books on evolution, but such fairy tale-ish books are pure conjecture and out-and-out invention. There is only one book that we can rely on and that book is the Bible. God's book is truthful. God's book is believable. Whom should we believe? God or man? Man lies. God does not lie.

Creation is believable. Evolution is not believable. All one has to do is read the first chapter of God's Holy Word and one should be convinced of creation.

It is not possible to miss God's creation. We see His creation. We hear His creation. We taste His creation. We smell His creation. We feel His creation. We are, indeed, without excuse. Roman 1:20

Ponder Genesis I Isaiah 40:26 Colossians 1:16 Revelation 4:11


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