Newtown, Conn.


My message of peace goes out to you

an act of violence took loved ones from you

Your hopes and dreams were dashed with the blast of a gun

others, concealed, later could run

from a scene so horrific, so brutal, so sad.

When youngsters left for school that fateful day

parents little knew what a short time they had

to live, to love, but the love will go on

although from earthly presence dear ones are gone.

May God heal our nation, troubled youth and schools

may we reach out and comfort, help youth become tools

to help build tomorrows, as today we grieve

remembering teachers and little ones who wanted to live.

My message of peace is simple, but sent with love

prayers are rising up from this community to God up above to

Newtown, Conn., may balm and healing soothe your aching


We pray, His love and His peace will enfold you

Our prayerful thoughts reach across the miles to you.

In Heartfelt Sympathy

Maxine Aldinger

Winona, Minn.


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