From: John Rupkey


"Seek justice, rebuke the oppressor." (Isaiah 1:17)

On November 14, 2006, by a vote of 230-41, the government of South Africa legalized gay marriage. I remember when we boycotted them because of injustice. But their post-apartheid constitution set a new standard of justice by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

On that very same day, by a vote of 194-37, the U.S. Catholic bishops adopted guidelines on how to educate gay people. It reminded me of the type of guidelines Nazis might adopt on how to educate Jews.

First, when they are young and impressionable, teach them they are disordered.

Second, teach them to hide inside their closet and tell their secret only to a small circle of people who agree they are disordered; teach them to pass as heterosexual to everybody else.

Third, keep them isolated from the "gay subculture," where they might meet gay people who have grown beyond shame and self-loathing.

Fourth, force celibacy on them by teaching them God is displeased if they express their feelings to the people with whom they fall in love.

Fifth, condemn discrimination against gay people so nobody will realize that the primary cause of discrimination against gay people is the self-hate, theology taught by Catholic bishops.

Sixth, blame God for Catholic homophobia, just like Catholic Nazis did with their anti-Semitism.

In my opinion, the bishops are not evil; they are trapped by papal "infallibility" and are blind to the great suffering they are causing. A significant number of them are homosexuals who internalized Catholic self-hate theology when they were young, and are now living lives based on that self-hate, a secret they tell only to a small inner circle.

I believe the real enablers of this cruel self-perpetuating cycle of injustice are the ordinary Catholics, who put money in the basket every Sunday without a word of protest about the oppression they are financing.

Catholic educators in places like Cotter and St. Mary's University who know better, yet silently tolerate this educational rubbish are also the ones we can thank for keeping the bishops wallowing in their unholy cesspool of injustice.


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