Only one way - God’s way!


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many of us have been swindled? Probably most of us. The persons involved in these dishonest endeavors may have seemed legitimate and sincere in their promotion, but their premeditated intention was to defraud, to gain something of value at our expense.

Unbeknownst to a vast majority, there are those who stand behind the pulpits of the world who are intentionally trying to sell us a bill of goods (are deceiving us on purpose). However, if they have been deceived since childhood, they may not realize that they are working for Satan and are feeding their parishioners with falsehood. We know that Satan and his assistants' goal is to deceive the entire world. As of this day, these trumpeters of untruth have deceived the vast majority of churchgoing folk. Why has this happened? Because these people have not read the Bible.

How many of us have attended church all of our lives, but have never read the Bible? Most of us simply assume that the person speaking behind the pulpit is speaking God's truth from Scripture. We assume that the members of our church are being taught the word of God, while all other denominations are teaching abomination - untruthfulness.

Should we assume that all of us churchgoers have chosen the only way to heaven - God's way? Are paddlefish good at rowing? Are all churches (every denomination) telling their members that there is only one way to heaven? Absolutely not! Most churches teach that we can choose from any of several ways that will get us to heaven. Here are some of them: (1) Belief in the doctrine of man, (2) Our good works, (3) As long as our good outweighs our bad, (4) Being a member of a specific church, (5) Any philosophy or personal belief, (6) Memorization of some Bible verses, (7) Assume that babies can understand that they are sinners, understand that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, understand that there is a penalty for sin, understand that they must repent, understand that they must believe, understand that they must receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. No matter how sincere we are in believing in any of the above, God considers all of it useless. Isaiah 64:6, Matthew 15:3,6,9 I Timothy 4:1

If we were parachutists, would we strap on any parachute and assume that it was without any defect and packed correctly? Certainly not! We would check it over very thoroughly (probably more than once) before we would feel at ease. Why? Because our lives would depend on our knowing that our parachute was not a defective one. It is also vital that we check out our pastor's preaching (with Scripture) to see if we are in danger of hellfire.

Just because we have been taught certain things all of our lives, doesn't mean that these teachings have been correct. Once again, if the members of every denomination would read the Bible, most of the world would then realize that they have been deceived. Most of the churches of the world would be emptied. Why? Because these people would now know that their eternal dwelling place would not be heaven if they continued to believe in the ways of these ungodly churches. Remember, there are wolves in sheep's clothing standing behind the pulpits of the world.

If we believe that man's ways are the ways to heaven and we are wrong (and we would be wrong) where will we be for eternity - in God's heaven or Satan's hell? We only need to search the Scriptures to undeniably confirm the fact that there is only one way to heaven: belief in Jesus Christ. God's word states, irrefutably, who (singular) is the only way to heaven. That WHO is Jesus Christ, not Jesus Christ plus something else.

Belief in any of the following ways will not assure us of a place in heaven: (1) Belief in tradition, (2) Belief in man, (3) Belief in our church, (4) Belief in sprinkling or in immersion, (5) Belief in good works, (6) Belief that we are more good than bad, (7) Belief in anything except Jesus Christ. We can throw a conniption about this until we are Oxford or Cambridge blue in the face, but it won't change what God has put in Scripture. No, there are not many ways to heaven. There is only one way - God's way!

Ponder John 14:6


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