Swearing in


From: Lars Johnson

Rochester, MN

Whether or not the voting citizens of the 5th Congressional District realize it, they elected Mr. Ellison to represent ALL Minnesotans in the U.S. Congress of our democratic republic. The only stipulation appears to be that he promises to do what he was elected to do. U.S. Code (TITLE 5, PART III, Subpart B, CHAPTER 33, SUBCHAPTER II, 3331) requires that he takes an oath or affirms that he will meet his obligation. The Code does not require him or anyone else to swear on a Bible, although it is and has been done by many (but certainly not all) since the time of George Washington.

The Koran has never served as a legitimate part of any legal swearing in for U.S. government service, yet Mr. Ellison wants us to believe it is a viable option for him. Would Mr. Ellison be so kind as to consider a less divisive approach to thumbing his nose at this rite? As many non-Christians have done previously, can't he simply affirm to support and defend the Constitution

and leave it at that? Or is it so vital to his core beliefs to grandstand in such a way?

After being sworn in, go ahead and hold a ceremony at your mosque of choice. It would be wonderful to hear or read your insightful comments that would include citations from the Koran showing how it ties in so well to the founding principles of freedom and self-governance that you will be protecting and defending.


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