Gas tax hike proposal lacks creativity


From: Fred Orlowske


Senator Steve Murphy is pushing for a 10-cent hike in the gas tax, plus a "revision" to wheelage tax and license tab fees. How much money do these legislators want from us? To me, as a taxpayer and motorist, "revision" translates into having to reach deeper into my pocket... This proposal is a simple and short-sighted fix. Moreover, this proposal is not SERVING IN THE BEST INTEREST OF MINNESOTA'S RESIDENTS!!! What happened to the MVST CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT voters voted for this past November? Supposedly 60% of that money is to go to road repair/improvements. That amount should be sufficient for a start in getting our roads back into "average" condition. The problem is, Senator Murphy (Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee), has allowed our roads to deteriorate into their current unacceptable condition. I wonder if he ever travels south from his home in Red Wing to La Crescent on Hwy.61? He should be ashamed for the condition this road is currently in. I blame the poor condition of this particular road directly on him. This road was allowed to degenerate on his watch. Now he proposes some type of "knee-jerk" tax increase to fix these roads. This type of legislation gets a D- in resourcefulness management of public money from me.

I encourage everyone to take time out and write Senator Murphy a letter and let him know how you feel. Encourage other legislators to shoot this proposal down too. Tell them to be fiscally frugal and for goodness sakes be more creative than simply burdening the taxpayer with an increased tax.


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